Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #444

Katharine, left: “I can’t believe that this has happened.”

Elizabeth, right: “That somebody let you out of your house wearing a Bea Arthur outfit?”

Katharine: “No, that somebody designed a bra that makes your breasts look like that.”

Elizabeth: “But I’m not even wearing a bra.”

Katharine: “Oh, that’s even worse. You poor thing. Let me give you the number of a specialist who can take care of those sorts of things.”

Elizabeth: “Okay, that’s it. I tried to be nice to you, and I welcomed you into my house because you’re the mother of my husband. But you clearly don’t know who I am.”

Katharine: “I know that you’re the shrieking shrew who married my only son.”

Elizabeth: “No! I’m an officer on the Starship Enterprise and I’ve been sent to retrieve the tribble that you are sporting on your head without any authorization to do so.”

Katharine: “I’m not even sure what you just said, but it’s clear that my medication is not working. Do you have a phone so I can ring my pharmacist?”


Originally posted in “Crusty Pie” on 10/25/16. No changes made. This is another one that only works if you get the in-joke. And it just occurred to me that this is the second post in a row wherein breasts are featured prominently. I’m not sure what that’s all about, although I have been experimenting with a new multi-vitamin recently. Perhaps the bottle was mis-labeled? We’ll see what tomorrow brings…


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  1. Is that a HAT or did poor Katharine (Katherine? Kathrine? damned mulit-spellable names anyway 😡 ) poor Kate (there) go to the same “stylist” that a certain horrible orange creature uses today? The hair (or hat) is unsettling. I thought Tribbles were CUTE!?

    Thank GOD for the 60s and the almost wholesale shedding of cone bras and things that made one’s girls look as if they had the ability to put an eye out (or two). Well until Madonna resurfaced;purposed them in the 80s anyway. And there’s always that one woman who insists on recycling Grandma’s underwear. There was going to be an Amy reference, but then I remembered she and Victoria have a secret.

    Alas poor Kate…her needs some gel…(or a new hat)..

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    • Embeecee: I completely understand the Hepburn spelling conundrum, especially since Microsoft Word keeps alerting me that I am destroying the world with my letter choices. Wise decision to go with Kate.

      I also thought Tribbles were cute, but I thought Chekhov was cuter. (I chose to avoid the enforced infatuation with William Shatner, even though he did look rather streamlined on those few occasions when he would doff his shirt.)

      Cone bras make me wince, despite the period in the late 80s when I worshipped Madonna. (I’m gay. These things happen.)

      Lynette: The James Bond explanation is perfect. Otherwise, there’s just no hope for the people in this photo. 🙂

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        • Weeelllll, they may be (orangutans and tribbles)..on a strange planet in a galaxy far far away…(sorry mixing space movie trivia)… 😉 who has declared war on us by sending one of their kind to ‘lead’ us. In-breeding never did nobody no good. I didn’t think anything of it actually…I blamed WP who is (apparently) experiencing growing pains and changing something every time the wind blows. I never had thought of the James Bond aspect…. hmmmm. K there would have made a wicked Bond actually. Her disguise was perfect!

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  2. If someone had shown this photo to Henri Matisse, I think he would have been inspired to create an astonishing painting. He loved clashing patterns, flamboyant clothes, unusual perspectives.

    Anyway, we’ll never know.
    See ya’ —
    Neil S.

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  3. Isn’t this from T. Williams Suddenly Last Summer??? Another of his weird I hate mother themes he wrote due to his own mother lobotomizing his sister. He liked his father even less and sure knew how to write dysfunction with a vengeance.

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    • Yes, this is indeed a still from “Suddenly, Last Summer”, one of my fave movies despite that overwrought ending. (Gay men will be cannibalized by suntanned thugs on a beach!) Mr. Williams did have his issues, plundered continually to the borderline of boredom, but he still resonates with me…

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      • T.W. had horrific bouts of depression. (Had a friend who lived with him for a while.) Perhaps this was one of his worst periods. That ending always confused the hell out of me. He’s otherwise pretty rational. Vengefully angry, but that was really off the deep end.

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    • Well, I won’t comment on who fights more (severely biting my tongue), but I will say that the worst female haircut ever seen was sported by me when I was ten years old in Oklahoma, centuries ago. Long story… 😉

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  4. Lol! When i first looked at Katharine’s head, i thought maybe some bad stylist had done something horrifying with her bangs. But no. It’s a hat. An immensely awful hat.

    I think Liz’s breasts always looked like that. Extremely lifted and separated. 😀

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    • Fair disclosure: My hair often looks like that when I wake up in the morning. I don’t know what happens when I’m supposedly slumbering, but apparently electrocution is involved in some way. As for Liz’s breasts, my eyes rarely made it down that far, as her violet eyes were mesmerizing…


  5. I remember Peter Cook at a dinner party many years ago entertaining us all with a monologue centered on ‘the role of thrusting and relentless breasts in the novels of Neville Shute’ …. PC was a genius and so are you 😊

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  6. So glad the purloined tribble was located, otherwise what hell might be loosed upon us!
    My, but Suddenly Last Summer was an odd one. I can never decide who had the prettier eyes, Taylor or Clift? (yeah, I know, Clift.)

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    • “Suddenly” IS an odd one, especially with all the edits and misdirection imposed by the censors. But they still got away with a lot for 1959, and the resulting glorious mess gave my young eyes hope the first time I stumbled across the movie as a budding gayling in the hinterlands of nowhere Oklahoma…

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