Past Imperfect – #503

Mary, left: “I’m so excited about getting to be in a Mack Sennett picture!”

Marie, right: “Oh, is that what we’re doing? I thought I was waiting in line to get past the velvet rope at a Steampunk-Goth nightclub.”

Mary: “That means nothing to me. But I will admit to some confusion as well. What character am I playing? Am I the party girl or a professional wrestler. Why are we standing on a platform hundreds of feet in the air? That sign down there, the ‘Mack Sennett’ sign? It’s twenty feet tall when you’re on the ground.”

Marie: “Really? And what’s that sign over there, the ‘Evans’ sign with the eyeball?”

Mary: “That looks like a Dali eyeball. I didn’t realize Dali was living in California these days. I guess everyone wants to be in the movies just like we’re in a movie.”

Marie: “You know, maybe we’re not in a movie after all. Look at all the signs. No, not the signs down there. Stop doing that or you’ll get vertigo and you will plummet to your death and then I won’t have anybody to talk to and I don’t know if I can live that kind of lifestyle.”

Mary: “Then what signs do you mean? Signs from Jesus?”

Marie: “Are you kidding? Jesus gave up on California years ago. No, think about it. We’re babbling dialogue that real people don’t actually say.”

Mary: “Uh huh. Go on.”

Marie: “And this is a black-and-white photo.”

Mary: “Wait a minute…”

Marie: “And one of the tags at the end of this post says ‘vintage’. And another tag says ‘sarcasm’.”

Mary: “Oh my God! We’re trapped in a Past Imperfect! What should we do?”

Marie: “I say we get the hell out of here before the writer re-posts us on all of his other blogs and the over-exposure kills the careers that we don’t really have.”


Originally posted in “Crusty Pie” on 03/11/17. No changes made, although perhaps I should have tweaked things a bit to quell the uprising that has been brewing lately with my cast of characters. I don’t know why my literary offspring have been turning against me. Where did they get this idea of absurdism and irreverence? Surely it didn’t come from me…


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  1. Something quite risque about the swimsuit on the right – think it’s the stripes stopping right under the boobs, make them appear as it they may not be covered! And all that bare shoulder – she was a bit of a trendsetter. Pity about the socks and the bovver boots though – although I suspsect some youngster would love to rock this look today!

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  2. They had copyright in 18 whatever?? (or I suppose it might be the 1900s), Marie there would have been branded (perhaps literally) with a scarlet A (they had tattoos back then, so why NOT copyright?) for showing her shoulders and *gasp* KNEES to any and all. The slut. Actually, when I first glimpsed that photo, I thought “Batman and Robin – the early years and their one failed attempt at drag…” And we’re not even going to mention Marie’s camel toe. Showing THAT might have gotten her hung, because society wasn’t supposed to realize women had ‘bits’, babies were brought by storks after all or left under cabbages in Victory Gardens.

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    • At the end of the day, though, one does have to give them credit for not caring what others think, especially during a time when not caring could mean incarceration. It took me a LONG time to get to that point, and I still waffle a bit. (And I would never show camel-toe. It’s just not right.)


  3. *Jesus gave up on California years ago* – perfection. As to the cozzies … in my youth I’m fairly sure I borrowed the one on the right complete with socks but I believe I was restrained enough to forego the stripy brolly – I’ve always considered myself to be a model of understatement, after all 😉

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  4. Wow! They certainly could use some fashion advice. They don’t seem to think so, though, i guess, considering their smiles. I certainly wouldn’t be smiling that high up. I might be pooping my pants. Lol.

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    • I am NOT a fan of heights, so I’d be soiling my undergarments right along with you. Let’s just consider it a bonding moment and scribble about it in our diaries… 😉


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