Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #502

Gracie learned at a young age that most people were completely useless, and that the only way to have a satisfactory life was to avoid those fools entirely. And keep reading books…


Originally posted in “Crusty Pie” on 03/10/17. No changes made. And yes, I had the exact same expression and temperament when I was her age. Still do…


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  1. Gracie was very wise. Books are more satisfying…! People are just stupid (most of them). So increasingly stupid, it’s horrifying. Give me the escape provided by witty words and worlds that don’t actually exist..except in the pages of books..

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  2. Hi Brian! Long time no see! (Sorry about that)
    I remember this post and am so very glad you revisited it. Gracie is wise and should be celebrated in this day and age.
    That’s all for now… ciao!

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  3. She just finished reading the letter from Trump’s lawyer explaining how he was too busy with a dignified position to be charged with anything, let alone talk to Mueller. Alice’s Wonderland adventures made more sense.

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    • Yes, Gracie was quite disgusted with that letter. She tossed it aside and immediately went next door to chat with her little best friend, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “Girl, I’ve got a long-range plan and I need your help…”


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