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A Post about the Post That I Should Have Already Posted

Dear Diary,

I am a wretched and horrible human being.

Oh wait, perhaps I should catch you up a bit.

You see, once upon a time, I was having a delightful digital conversation with the lovely Embeecee (otherwise known as the Once and Future Queen of Utah, long story) and we both reached a mutual epiphany. This didn’t happen right away, of course, as we first had to solve all of the world’s problems, something we were qualified to do, having caused a few of them in the first place. We pontificated and adjudicated and, during a quiet moment of reflection when we pondered if there was any punishment strong enough for what Trump has done to this country, I had a sudden inspiration.

Me: “We should collaborate on a story.”

Em: “Look, I already told you that I can’t provide you with an alibi for the night the lights went out in Georgia. You’re on your own with that mess.”

Me: “No, little sister don’t miss when she aims her gun, I’m not talking about that. I mean we should do a blog post together.”

Em: “Oh. Well, that might be interesting, unless you’re talking about one of your weird-ass posts where nobody gets any of the references except for two people on the entire planet. Love ya to death but I’m not going down with that ship. Give me the details before I sign anything.”

Me: “I was thinking we could do a Past Imperfect, where I find an old photo and we take turns telling the story.”

Em: “Hmm. That sounds relatively safe. You’ve done five hundred of those things and nobody has arrested you yet.”

Me: “So you’re in?”

Em, hesitating just enough to make me squirm, because no accomplishments are truly satisfying unless some degree of suffering is involved: “Sure. Find a photo, start the story, let’s see where it goes.”

And I did. Well, not immediately. In my typical unfocused manner, it took me a while to find an inspirational snap. It took me even longer to cobble together a semi-worthy lead-in for the story. After several weeks, I emailed the budding yarn to Em.

She responded two seconds later with her addition to the tale.

Damn. I really needed to get on the ball.

I didn’t. I piddled around and procrastinated and generally did what I often do, which was not the right and responsible thing. (Ask my mother. She has plenty of details to sketch in my shady past.) Eventually, a month or three later, I remained in place long enough to give birth to Part Three. (An epidural was involved, these things happen.) I sent the latest wordplay off for Em’s review, mentioning that I thought I could wrap up our endeavor after her next submission.

She responded two seconds later with her additional addition to the tale.

Well, hell. The story was progressing nicely, our ministrations seemed simpatico, and this could very well be a shining moment in the Past Imperfect mythology. (Translation: Neither of us should be in jeopardy of incarceration once I hit the submit button. This is the best one can hope for as an obscure, fledgling blogger.) Trouble is, I had no idea how to end the story, hitting one of those oh-so-familiar roadblocks that writers know so well. Great start, great middle, then absolutely nada. Tumbleweeds blew forlornly across the empty desert.

I let the story gestate in my inbox, neglected, not even bothering to check for vital signs. Six months have gone by with nary an effort on my part to reach the end zone. Crickets chirped.

I should point out that Em has never once said a word about my negligent worthlessness in societal matters. Not a peep, proving that she is indeed the Once and Future Queen of not only Utah, but collaboration as well. She is a saint, if you’ll allow the weak athletic reference.

I am not. To put things in perspective, we started our mission last summer. It’s been nearly a year since I broached the endeavor, and I have failed miserably. The shame is deep. I must rise and make things right.

Scotch the Cat, wandering up to my desk where I am attempting to atone: “Daddy, you realize that you are leaving for Spain in a few days, and you still haven’t written the final part of the story. Your chance of actually completing the saga is on par with my chance of getting treats whenever I want them. Which is nada, to use the one word of Spanish that you actually know.”

Me: “I don’t recall asking your opinion.”

Scotch: “I’m a cat. You’re going to get my opinion whether you want it or not. That’s why we were created. Why are you embracing this madness and not my treat bowl?”

Me: “Because if I shove this post out there, then I have to follow through. Even if it means conjuring the finale whilst I lounge about nearly naked alongside the swimming pool of a rental property in southern Spain.”

Scotch: “Have the people of Spain been warned about this? After all, I’ve seen you naked, and nations have fallen into anarchy for much less.”

Me: “I will persevere somehow. Unless I am unduly tempted by the siren call of cerveza whilst poolside. See? I know at least two Spanish words.”

Scotch: “Oh, you poor thing. How hard it must be to keep getting out of bed in the morning.”

Me: “Are you jealous of my world travels?”

Scotch: “Well, I’ve never been to Spain. But I’ve been to Oklahoma. And they are still trying to figure out what happened to you as a child.”


Stay tuned as I nakedly try to finalize the year-long collaboration. My apologies to Em, for I know not what I am about to wrought…


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  1. And curse you Brian for going to Spain the one summer I won’t be there. (On granny duty down in London for actually gestational daughter and two-year-old Queen of All She Surveys.)

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  2. Sometimes it’s the anticipation that really counts. Actually, scratch that – I bluddy LOVE anticipation but I bluddy love the real thing more. However if you need to flamenco away for a while longer I am certain that the brilliant, acerbic and razor sharp Em will wait on you. And she may not even harshly recriminate you. If you are very lucky. And neither will I 😉

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    • Competa for most of the stay, Malaga for the remainder. As I’m sure you know at least 50 people in both locations, I feel confident that you can track us down, should you be in the neighborhood…. 😉

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  3. Oooh, back to Spain? Lucky you! As for me… well, I’ve never been to Spain, but I kinda like the music.

    Interesting you should post this now, as I’ve been thinking about my own lack of follow-through with tales. I recently read an article with some fantastic writing advice, I’ll share it with you — and this is a direct quote — “FINISH YOUR SHIT!”

    They say the women are insane there. That right?

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    • Honestly, I really don’t understand my writing negligence of the past few years. Perhaps it’s the retirement thing, where I am now operating under the illusion that I have all the time in the world. When I was still employed, I was actually far more productive with my writing. It’s a sad and mystical conundrum.

      And yes, the ladies are insane there. Probably because I keep coming back and they don’t understand why…

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    • How could I possibly forget you? (And the Breakfast Club theme never actually leaves my head. Director John Hughes may have his detractors, perhaps deservedly so, but he hit all the right points for me with his 80s movies…)

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  4. I’m laughing at the thought of a cat saying “Oh, you poor thing. How hard it must be to keep getting out of bed in the morning.” Such sass!

    There’s always a weak link in every collaboration. Be secure in your role 😉 … and have an amazing time in Spain!

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  5. Er, due to the aforementioned antics of a certain blogging site which shall remain unnamed because slander lawsuits are messy; I lost the thread and the link to Bonnywood totally. 😦 Me haz a big sad. I thought Mr. Brian must be off writing the next Great American Novel, and didn’t fuss, ‘cos we all know Queens (of past, present or future) don’t fuss. And Freddy Mercury is dead. Back to the point. I never saw this post nor any since until thankfully MaddieLovesHerClassicFilms reunited us with her Hitchcockian Blogfest. I am forever in her debt….and the collaboration is a pip. And now can have life….let us hope it’s a Phoenix and not a Frankenstein…

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    • Interestingly enough, despite my moaning in the piece above about my hideous writer’s block concerning our joint venture, I had a bit of an epiphany today on how to wrap up our fable. It will require me to do a bit of jiggering with the first four parts, but it’s just some minor tweaking and will only have a minimal impact on the established story line. (Of course, envisioning it and actually writing it are two different animals, but I’m working on both angles.)

      As for the Great American Novel, I’m here to tell ya that I really think I could finally give birth to such if I could spend more time in Southern Spain. You may not have had a chance to go back and piddle around with my recent “Competa” posts, but something about the air and the sunlight in that place just speaks to me…


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