Communique from Cómpeta – #7


Somewhere, over there

Many thousands of miles

Lies my homeland

Where so much

Has gone so wrong

Democracy has been wounded

Stabbed by the flailing blind

Compelled by ignorance and fear

I don’t understand

How some can harbor so much hate

Such indecency, festering, fertilized in the dark

Fair play, they don’t understand me

With my avowed insistence

That stones should not be cast against a stranger

Just because you never walked a mile

In their blues

Where are the missing pieces that can unite us

And why

Is it still a puzzle?


Reflections from Cómpeta, Spain. More to follow. I just need a few minutes to sit on a nearby hilltop and let nature remind me of what it was like before all the humans arrived and jacked things up. Cheers.


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  1. I never walked a mile in most peoples blues ( great line BTW)- but I know their blues are just as blue as mine. The puzzle is so very puzzling – let’s hope we find the missing pieces soon. Spain has made you all reflective, soft and mooshy. Nice to see this side of you 🙂 Maybe the ducks are slipping something in your copious drinks????

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    • I wouldn’t rule out the ducks slipping me something, as one never knows, but Spain has certainly had an impact on me both times I have visited. I’m thinking this might need to become a yearly journey, at least until the puzzle is solved…


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