Communique from Cómpeta – #11

Bjorn, left: “Well, I hear that those wretched Americans are coming down out of the hills of Cómpeta and headed to Malaga.”

Torvik, right: “Those words make me weep with inconsolable abandon. Why must they torture us so?”

Bjorn: “Now, now. We have to give the poor things a bit of solace, coming as they do from the Land of the Incredibly Inept Trump Waffle.”

Torvik: “Ah, there is that. Perhaps we can show them a bit of the compassion that the dried-out waffle is simply unable to process. They must be suffering immense amounts of shame.”

Bjorn: “Exactly. We should welcome them with open wings”

Torvik: “Still, Americans can be incredibly loud and obnoxious. Why must they always make such a fuss about things? Why can’t they bother to learn a language other than their own, expecting us to understand when they grunt and point? We Europeans know at least three languages by the time we can flush the toilet.”

Bjorn: “Be patient, mi hermano. They are a young country and they are still teething. Perhaps some day they will get their waffles sorted. In the meanwhile, they come bearing copious amounts of discretionary income.”

Torvik: “Ah, yes, I tend to forget that angle. I say bring on the cash infusion so we can get this European Union mess sorted.”

Bjorn: “And it shall be brung. Now, fly over there and pose for that American tourist. He doesn’t know that he doesn’t have to tip you.”


Greetings from Cómpeta and Malaga, Spain. More to follow, possibly. We are mere hours away from the end of our journey, but I plan to put up a very good fight…


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  1. Message from Scotch the Duck – wash your shorts before you wedge me back in that trolley bag otherwise I defect to the Pablo side. Message from me – meet at the agreed bar at the agreed time. Mission accomplished. The duck moans but will not cross over to the dark side. He likes shrimp too much and Pablo is allergic. 🛫

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  2. Maybe you should slip them a couple fish so they don’t say mean things about you next time. 🕊️
    Sorry you had to return, but I’ve a feeling the memory will sustain you until the next escape. In the meantime, welcome home. 🙂

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    • To be fair, our little avian friends were quite accepting and complacent about the whole situation, willingly posing as they did for the constant flow of tourists who were traipsing about the ruins of this castle. Methinks there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here on how we should respond to everyone we encounter…

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