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Communique from Cómpeta – #12

Nothing fancy this time, with no delicate wordplay or overwrought poetry. Just a random photo, a three-part tribute to the works of Leroy Neiman, the consequences of traveling with plastic ducks, and an homage to Mutual of Omaha’s Somewhat Wild Kingdom. Enjoy.


Greetings from Malaga, Spain. By the time most of you read this, we will be in the air, headed back to Texas, navigating the humiliation of Customs and the general absurdity of standing in long lines for no measurable gain. And so it goes…


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  1. Smile and glide in the fluffy pink cloud that has swathed you in Spain. Ignore the plebeians and rise above them which is where you dwell rightfully. Nothing, but nothing is allowed to burst your beautiful bubble. And if there seems any risk of this heinous occurrence manifesting guzzle Champagne (or Cava or any other crémant) – it works for me every time 😉

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    • It was truly my pleasure. I had one of those fabled experiences that writers cherish, where simply being in a certain place and time pushed me to go just a little bit further…


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