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Flash Backward #5: The Ross Sisters – “Solid Potato Salad”

  Note: During one of my previous blogging obsessions on “another network” many years ago, I would seek out interesting movie clips on the Internet, slap them on my blog, and then add a dash of commentary. The following is one example…

Howdy, folks.

I was innocently doing some investigative research on the web, an important bit of business that helps me improve my journalistic skills (translation: I was killing time because I didn’t want to work on what I should be working on), when I stumbled across this lovely piece of performance art. I was initially entranced by the perkiness that the Ross Sisters felt compelled to share with us, and then things fell into the twilight zone…

First of all, there’s the odd little ditty that the sisters are bellowing, some mess about potato salad that is entirely too passive-aggressive. They even have intricate hand movements to accompany the song, although you may not initially notice, because your brain is too occupied with concern over the creepy, little-girl outfits these grown women are sporting.

Then the sisters start with the cavorting, a word that probably doesn’t adequately capture what the sisters are doing. Then again, there may not be an English word that can do so. To reveal much beyond that ruins the surprise, but let’s just say I didn’t see it coming. The fact that this scene was originally shot in black and white and then later colorized, giving the shenanigans that off-kilter patina that is the bane of colorized movies, only adds to the surrealism.

And then there’s the thing with the… and that other thing with the… and then… I’m simply at a loss for words. What happened on what farm that led to an actual talent agent from Hollywood saying “the world needs more hoo-hoos shoved at the camera in such a frenzy of unbridled calisthenics”? Even more troubling? There was a director at some point who also said “what this scene really needs is for Sister #2 to harvest an apple whilst dangling from a hayloft”.


P.S. If you’ve been searching for just the right way to make a dramatic exit from a cocktail party, stay tuned until the very end.

P.S.S. Oy-Oy!



Originally shared in “The Sound and the Fury” on 03/03/10 and “Bonnywood Manor” on 02/26/16. Some changes made for this new sharing. To close things out, I feel compelled to resurface a response I made to one of the comments on the previous post: “Back in my youthful days when I was young and limber and had incredible flexibility… I still couldn’t do anything that they did in this video…” Maybe that’s why I never made it past middle-management at Verizon. Can you hear my bones snapping now?

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    • Oh, I like the idea of them as villains. They could fool everyone with their singing and dancing and then suddenly they do that paddle-boat maneuver and attack the city. Hmm. Maybe I spend too much time alone with my thoughts… 😉


  1. That is some crazy stuff. How is what they are doing even possible?!!!!!! I came across this video for the first time a few months back, and I was so surprised that I had never heard of them before. These gals should be world famous.

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    • I know! The first time I found this, I watched it over and over, wondering if I could possibly do anything they were doing. I finally decided that I could wear an outfit like that, but that was about it… 😉

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  2. I saw the movie that encased this little snippet of oddity in it and at the time I wondered WTF? The movie (as I recall) starred Judy Garland, and apologies to all fans of all things “Judy” but well she sucked. Though not as much nor as well as those lassies did I bet! Anyway, the movie was made well before censorship became a ‘thing’ or all that cootchie hootchie put right in your face would not have been allowed. Impressionable young minds and all that. More puzzling to me personally? Was the fact that the CLOTHING (such as it was) morphed with the wearer and didn’t bust any seams or buttons, the way normal fabric/clothing would. Lastly, if I’d had a sister (and I did not, which was good and bad) I’d NEVER have let her stick her cootchie right in my face. Even during an ‘experimental’ phase. Ew. Perfect, PERFECT Halloween fodder, especially that maniacally grinning one that walked towards the camera (and viewer) on her freakin’ HANDS. Brrrrrrrr…

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    • I’m completely with you on the clothing angle. Did they SEW these poor lassies into their outfits? There wasn’t a smidge out of place no matter how much they flailed about. All I have to do is stand up from my office chair and my couture looks like I got hit by a bus.

      And yes, too much cootchie in the face. I mean, I’m all for artistic interpretations of whatever, but this went beyond places that things should go. Then again, I don’t come from a family of triple-jointed dancers, so maybe I don’t have the right comfort level that these gals have…

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  3. OMG. I cannot unseen that! Bodies are not meant to move that way. At least outside of a freak show. I am sure that was a wonderful skit? And I can imagine in today society what people are putting on videos so I guess it can’t be all that weird.

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    • I always enjoy your comments, but this line is superb: “If that’s what potato salad makes you do, I’m going to stick with wine.” Brilliant, on multiple levels. In fact, if I ever run for public office, that’s what my campaign buttons are going to say. And I’d probably win, despite my shady past… 😉

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    • I think it’s fair to say that when the world finally implodes and we are all hurled into the void of space, gingham and vindictive cartwheels will somehow factor into the situation…


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