Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #470

Him: “So, it’s happening again, is it?”

Her: “I’m afraid so. It’s Christmas time in the city.”

Him: “Silver bells and snowy WordPress themes?”

Her: “Ring-a-ling and hear them ping.”

Him: “You know, when I was a wee lad, I really enjoyed Christmas. So much wonder and hope.”

Her: “Oh, me too. It was the best. I was so excited about everything.”

Him: “I wonder what changed.”

Her: “Well, there’s that whole mess about Big Business extorting the hell out of all of us by trying to convince everyone that we are not worthy unless we spend a fortune on the presents that we buy.”

Him: “Exactly, and then there are the fools who believe that love is somehow based on a price tag.”

Her: “And the way people behave in the stores? Knocking each other about and clawing to save two dollars on something that nobody will even care about in two months?”

Him: “It’s ridiculous. How did we get so far away from the true meaning of Christmas?”

Her: “Because too many people are too willing to let someone else tell them what’s important. It’s not what’s under the tree. It’s who is around the tree. That’s the gift. Being with the family that you define as family. There’s no DNA at Christmas. Nothing shines brighter than looking around the room and seeing the ones you love smiling back at you.”

Him: “But what about the people who can’t be with you even though they really want to be?”

Her: “Oh, they’re here. They never leave.”

Him: “You know, I’m feeling inspired. Should we get out some of the ornaments and decorate the tree I brought home?

Her: “That’s a tree? I thought it was your Aunt Bridget.”

Him: “They do wear the same perfume, so I can understand the confusion.”

Her: “You’re right, though. We should do the all the ornaments this year and try to get back to enjoying the simpler things. But let’s watch the latest episode of ‘Survivor’ first, because we can’t just go cold turkey if we try to quit scripted reality. Baby steps.”


Originally published in “Crusty Pie” on 11/30/16. Slightly modified for this post. For the record, the tree is already up at Bonnywood, but I think I might skip the ornaments this time around. There’s something about the simplicity of just having twinkling white lights that speaks to me almost as much as having the tree crammed with decades of treasures. We’ll see.

And for those of you who are familiar, I’m also working on The Village, although that is most likely going to be limited in scope this year as well, due to the time constraint. (For the Full Blow-Out village with all hundred-plus houses, I have to start in mid-November, but I didn’t get off my ass about it until a few days ago.) On the flip side, I do plan on adding a few more installments to The Village of the Damned series, so there’s that. Stay tuned…


Her: “Darling?”

Him: “Yes, dear.”

Her: “Are you seriously diddling with your PlayStation whilst we are having a conversation about getting back to a simpler life? I can see the controller and the cord from here.”

Him: “You’re right. I’ll finish up real quick. I just need to kill three more zombies at the shopping mall and I’ll win the Golden Rod of Power.”

Her: “Oh? Well then, by all means, please continue. I’ve always thought your rod could use an upgrade.”


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    • It really IS a very sad picture, initially. But once you study things, questions arise. Why is there a bench in the living room, albeit an artfully-carved one? Exactly what IS that controller he is holding, considering the time period? What happened to that poor tree? And how much could I get for that radio in the background on “Antique Roadshow?”

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  1. At risk of encouraging the persons who might sell it to you from making a quick buck, you could have a second tree with ALL the trimmings… and just have the first one with the lights. But then that’s kinda missing the point, apparently, I gather, I think. 😉
    By the way, what’s with the ghost-woman and what did she have in her hand before it strayed to the tree?

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    • Well, truth be told, at the height of my Yuletide Frenzy several years back, we had a tree in every room. Most of them were just minor little things, only supporting a few tiny ornaments and a splash of angel hair, but a few of them were show-stoppers. I like to believe that my madness helped keep the U.S. economy afloat for a while there…

      Good eye on catching that bit of ectoplasm now threatening the tree. I think these folks have some explaining to do…

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