Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #400

Note: Those of you who have been with me for a while know that I have certain stories that I re-share during the holidays. This is the first of several that you will see (re-see?) over the next few weeks. Enjoy.


Momma: “Lucille, get away from the fireplace. We live in the projects, you don’t know what might fall out of there.”

Lucille: “But Momma, it’s Christmas Eve. Santa is coming!”

Momma: “Santa? Baby Girl, Santa doesn’t know where we live. We’re on welfare.”

Lucille: “That’s not true. If you are good and kind and don’t kill anybody, Santa will bring you a present for Christmas.”

Momma: “Well, Santa is very busy. Sometimes he can’t get to all the houses.”

Lucille: “But I want to know what he thought about me, if I was good or bad.”

Momma, pausing in her scrubbing of the sink that always looked dingy: “Oh. Well, honey, I’m sure he thinks you’re a wonderful little girl, just like I do. But maybe he won’t be able to tell you that just right now.”

Lucille: “Oh, I know he’ll tell me. Come sit with me, Momma. Let’s wait together.”

Momma, setting the sponge aside and rinsing her hands: “We do have a few cookies in the jar. I suppose I could put them on a plate.”

Lucille: “And milk! He needs a glass of milk. I didn’t have any for dinner just in case.”

Momma: “Yes, we do have extra milk and… well, let me get this all ready.” Momma tinkered a bit and then sat down beside Lucille with a few modest treasures. “I think this should do.”

Lucille: “It’s perfect! I know he’ll like it.”

Momma, hesitant: “But, Baby Girl, sometimes what you hope for is not what you get.”

Lucille smiled: “I just got it.”


Originally published in “Crusty Pie” on 08/25/16 and “Bonnywood Manor” on 12/01/16 and 12/06/17. No changes made.


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  1. “Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus.” This is great, now let me wipe the smoke out of my eye, and I’ll continue. Because there is, at least on Christmas, for some of us: Magic, wonder, joy, peace and fairy dust and unicorn poop (rainbow colored of course)…it’s the feeling in our hearts that takes us back to a simpler and kinder time, and for at least 24 hours we can put aside our differences and just be humanity. If we just believe….. thank God for the Lucilles of this world… ❤ (and for you my fine friend.)

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