Mirrors and Memories


And so it was

As I pondered tonight

What should I post

What should I write


Many folks are busy

With kith and with kin

Anything I scribble

Will hit the dust bin


Unseen and forlorn

Lost in the fray

Of folks celebrating

The spirit of the day


But then I heard a song play

On speakers of blue-tooth

One that reminded me

Of my long-fading youth


I couldnโ€™t always be

With those I hold dear

But music would play

That still held them near


So I proffer to you

Some tunes from the past

Which help keep alive

A certain joy that should last


We canโ€™t always get what we want

But if you try sometimes

You get what you need

In mushy lyrics and rhymes


My poetry is a bit haphazard and weak

Scribbled in a desperate 15-minute pace

But these songs go out to those of us

Who remember a certain time and a place.















P.S. Yes, I realize that last one is not necessarily a Christmas song. But the performance is great, and the gratitude that kd shows at the end for her audience? Well, that’s the gratitude I have for those of you who keep coming back to Bonnywood to see if I’ve done anything decent lately. Thank you…


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  1. Brian, darling –

    Best wishes for a belated Happy Hanukkah, a Blessed Winter Solstice, a Festive Festivus, a Good Yule, a Happy Christmas Eve, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a Wonderful Twelfth Night (or Blessed Epiphany or Merry Armenian Christmas – your choice). This should handle things all the way up through January 6th. So, Happy Holidays to you and yours with love and hugs, honey!

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    • Ah, dearest Sandra. Happily accepting your warm love and hugs, as well as your multi-cultural tribute to the holiday season. I know I keep babbling this same sentiment, but I really miss talking to you on a daily basis. We need to work on that…


  2. Have a good one, I’ve enjoyed the Manor..Peace (and goodwill)
    There’s nothing like a good old song
    To remind us of good old times,
    And to my tin ear, there ain’t nothin’ wrong
    With hearin’ a few ragged rhymes.

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    • I did, indeed, have a wonderful day, despite the recent grief and the sense that things were out of synch. I fully support the concept that the sentiment should never be over, as we trip and stumble when we forget such a thing…

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    • Fair enough, this version of “Hallelujah” can be considered a Christmas song, but I think Leonard Cohen meant for this to transcend all religions and make the sentiment universal. Maybe that’s just me, but that’s the beauty of a well-written song…


  3. Now that we are nearer to Christmas 2019 than we are to Christmas 2018, Merry Christmas to you and all who surround you Mr Lageose! Brenda Lee coming on strong, my kinda Christmas tune. Here’s to getting what we need, in the never-ending hope that occasionally we’ll get what we want too.

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