10 Reasons Why

10 Totally Astonishing Things That Are Happening Around Me Right Now

Another dusty relic from the deepest corners of the archives. Fair warning: This was originally banged out during my infamous “mean girl” phase. Prepare yourselves accordingly…


Setting the scene: I’m at Tierney’s Café and Tavern. (This being a Friday night, no one should be the slightest bit shocked.) At the threat of physical violence and dismemberment, I have been banned from doing a Live Blog due to the sudden arrival of several co-workers who have made it very clear that their actions will NOT be captured for posterity. Fine. Plan B: Some commentary about what I’m seeing as I sit here, creatively restricted, but unable to fully contain myself…

1. The apparent Day Care facility that has been incorporated into the area around the pool table.

There are two highly-frenetic children who are bouncing off the walls. They are firmly convinced that nothing is worth saying unless you can scream it at the top of your lungs. As an added embellishment, they also feel that anything they do, at all, should be accompanied by the flinging about of any loose object they can find. I instantly hate them.

I stop our server. Perhaps he could share some details about why the urchins are leaping about down yonder? Well, it seems that these heathens belong to the cook. Everybody loves the cook. She makes incredible delicacies and she shows up to work on time. Ergo, it’s okay with management if the offspring frolic until secondary child-care arrangements are made. Okay, then.

Then the munchkins discover a pair of hula hoops. Where in the HELL did they find those in this place? Seriously. Why would drunken people need large plastic rings? Anyway, there they go, whirling and grinding and gyrating. Screaming with joy the entire time. Why is energy wasted on the clueless young and withheld from the older folks who actually need it just to get out of bed?

2. Everybody wants to be an interior designer.

This troupe of snobby Junior League types clatters in the door, all fake-baked and sporting enough jewelry to fund a mid-range corporate takeover. High-heels clicking, they wander all over the main seating area of the bar, trying to determine which of the many table options will satisfy their needs. Apparently, none of the arrangements are worthy, complete trash.

So, the trollops throw down their purses, roll up their sleeves, and then start shoving furniture left and right. Chairs fly through the air and table condiments skitter across the floor. We have huffing and puffing and designer silk shirts becoming moist and clingy. (I think a jackhammer might have been involved? Hard to tell, there was a lot happening.) Finally, the city officials leave after having signed off on the rezoning changes, and the Design Star wannabes sit their asses down.

For roughly three seconds.

Then one of them glances out the enormous floor-to-ceiling windows that have been here this entire time, and they discover that there is patio seating available. (Muffy: “Our hair will look stunning in the gentle breeze!”) Off they go, thundering out the door, where they immediately start pulling up paver stones and uprooting the shrubbery. I race to the patio door and throw the lock, pulling the curtains closed as the cherry on top of this avoidance sundae. On the way back to our table, I graciously accept a Humanitarian Award from one of the grateful barbacks, his eyes shiny with gratitude.

3. The ceiling fans are not on. None of them.

It’s 98 degrees outside, and the front door keeps flopping open as people rush inside for draft beer and potential degradation, meaning blasts of Texas heat wash across the room every three seconds. I don’t yet know who is responsible for this oversight, but this person is clearly a sociopath and must be dealt with immediately. Then I promptly forget about this vendetta because, well, drinking.

4. Lewisville, Texas has some butt-ugly people.

I really don’t know how such a high concentration of mirror-challenged citizens could populate one area. And we’re not talking “oh, she could be a little cuter with a nice rinse job”. No, we have ventured into “you poor thing, you will never marry” territory. Granted, I will never sashay down a runway or appear on the cover of the Rolling Stone, but I at least know about hairbrushes and toothbrushes and bathing with some type of regularity. Go back home and try again.

5. No matter where you go, some men are homophobic in the restroom.

Okay, here’s the deal. I just want to pee. I’m not in the bathroom for entertainment or dating opportunities. I don’t want to see your business. Don’t thrust your crotch against the urinal so that the danglies aren’t open for interpretation. Don’t scream and run into a stall, slamming the door and triple-locking the access. And the most irritating thing? Most of these guys who are so intent on hiding the jewels from imaginary predators firmly belong in Entry Number 4 above. Your tackle does not even remotely interest me. Surely it’s not the first time you’ve heard this.

6. Karaoke is scary.

I understand that alcohol emboldens some people who would otherwise simply eat their barbecue platter and then leave. Sadly, alcohol also convinces completely untalented people that they should get on a stage and bellow like the Love Boat is setting sail. And what songs do they pick? Songs that I previously praised and loved. It’s totally demoralizing and life-altering to have something you used to sing along with on the radio turned into a mating call for chimpanzees.

It’s hard to go on after this happens. I must be strong.

7. Really-efficient servers can be deadly.

It’s very nice that my nearly-depleted beer is immediately replaced with a fresh frosty. Great attention to detail. But this leads to confusion and mayhem. Before you know it, the constant flow has led to over-exuberance in the social spectrum. You love everybody. You mistakenly believe that everybody loves you. Random sex could potentially take place. And we all know, after a certain age, that spontaneous couplings lead to humiliation and shame-filled clothing retrieval in the morning.

8. People disappear for inordinate amounts of time.

How is it that your friends, who were just sitting at your table and conversing about pointless but amusing things, can suddenly wander off and not be seen for three hours? What activities are taking place in the shadowy nether regions of this bar that people get sucked in and apparently enter an alternate universe? They finally stumble back to your table around Last Call, eyes aglow with adventure and satisfaction, and you realize that something is truly missing from your life.

9. Despite all rumors and news reports, Tammy Wynette is not dead.

She just walked in the front door. Five of her, all of them jostling for attention and determined to outshine the others despite the dearth of originality with their couture and grooming choices . There was an immediate altercation concerning the use of exuberant mascara, industrial hairspray, and big-hair zoning regulations. Nobody stood by their man, and fake eyelashes were found in the most surprising places.

10. The mystifying synchronicity of people watching the sports games on the various TV’s.

This never fails to amaze me. No one in the entire bar is paying the tiniest bit of attention to what’s happening on the TVs, but at the absolute second that a team or player does something extraordinary, like tackling somebody or knocking something in a hole, 74% of the bar will erupt in a frenzy of maddened worship and celebration. How do these people know something has happened? They can’t even say their own names at this point, but some base instinct has been triggered. I guess I’m missing that gene. Then again, my DNA has always been in question since I shot out of the womb singing showtunes and tossing glitter about with complete abandon.

10.5 Did I order this salad?

I don’t think I did. Why would I order it? I’m drinking. I need something solid, with lots of grease and salt and health-risks, to suck up some of the sloshing in my personal vat. You might be at the wrong table, server person. But since you’re here, could you do something about the ceiling fans? And this hula hoop? I don’t know where it came from…


Originally published in “The Sound and the Fury”, nearly a decade ago, back when I used to do “real time” blog posts from this establishment on Friday nights. Some changes made, but not enough to redeem myself in any way…

Story behind the photo: A random, odd-angle shot taken at my friend Paula’s house this past weekend. No significance, I just like the obscurity…


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  1. Number 5; Drunken caterwauling skankette sinking the Motels ‘Total Control.’ No jury would convict me, surely? Total ruination of an old fave, she made it into an audio abomination. Sorry, Number 6 .

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  2. To avoid such things, I bought a little tract of land, built a cabin and hid for years from public view. It is oh, so much more relaxing than suffering contact with humanity – then Ted Kaczynski moved in next door.

    I didn’t know they let him out.

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  3. #1 would prompt me to leave, if not immediately, as soon as I’d finished my beverage. There would be NO TIP, which would make me unwelcome if I tried to return anyway. And there’d be a scathing blog about idiots who can make the most delicious food, but don’t know how to unwrap a condom. The unwelcome status of urchins in a drinking establishment at all. And finally a furtive call to Child Protective Services and a unmasking of cretins who allow underage and out of control in their bar. Which would seal the fate of me ever being able to return. People hate those who mess with their food….

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    • It truly was disturbing, what with the Urchin Fest. Then again, as the night wore on, it became abundantly clear that the sins of The Younger paled considerably when compared to the exploits of The Older. It was a true Decadence Parade with no age limit… 😉

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    • Reason #32 why I don’t patronize establishments that serve booze. Not that there are any up here anyway…one furtively sneaks into the State Liquor Store for anything with a buzz. The beer up here (not that I enjoy beer but anyway) is watery and unsatisfying. And one must either be an Elk (or something..there’s a “VFW” or FOE or some other abbrev) where one can purchase beer, and there’s the pool hall. Where one could meet a variety of sketchy individuals, most hyped up on speed, who would be glad to separate one from one’s wallet. Yeah. Fast Times in Brigham City…brrr

      Liked by 2 people

      • I was raised in a very French family where giving the kids a tiny amount of watered wine was de rigueur. As I grew older, I was allowed a little more and a little more until it was a full glass of the unwatered variety. This methodology certainly took all the excitement out of underage drinking. What I wanted was a driver’s license! 🙂

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  4. Hilarious! I personally can never understand the whole urinal thing–as a woman, I couldn’t imagine just using an open toilet stall next to another woman. Who was it that decided men should do this, and how many of them secretly (or openly) hate it?

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      • I suppose watered pants’ legs and shoes were common at those trough things. I know that I could NOT pee at such a thing, if I were a man, because my innate modesty regarding uninvited strangers to look at my dangly bits (if I had some of the male variety) would preclude it. Social phobia enhancement! I’m glad most women’s rooms have stalls with doors that lock.

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  5. 8; I went to an evening shindig with my partner some years ago. We left partway through and found ourselves in a Chinese restaurant, partaking of a 3-course meal. We returned to the shindig and acted as though we’d been there all along. It happens.

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  6. I’m pretty sure turning off a ceiling fan at ANY time breaks several municipal codes in Phoenix. As do children anywhere near a bar. Good God man, where do you live? Oh yeah, Texas.
    Never mind.

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