Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #358

Mae: “You know, something just occurred to me.”

Jimmy: “And what are your thoughts, my special lady of the evening? Are you rapturously satisfied after my stellar boudoir performance?”

Mae: “Oh. Did we have sex? I didn’t realize. Perhaps I was distracted.”

Jimmy: “Surely you are at least in awe of my physical anatomy, especially the part that reminds you of Trigger.”

Mae: “Well, I can’t really say that horses came to mind, although I did have a brief craving for a baby carrot.”

Jimmy: “Then what are you possibly wondering about?”

Mae: “Do we have the same hairstylist?”


Previously shared in “Crusty Pie”. Slight changes made.


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  1. I don’t know if this scene comes before or after Cagney slaps Clarke around, but he sure had a way with women in those days. Mae God rest his soul (and mine, for a bad pun).

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    • This movie was two years after the grapefruit malfeasance in “The Public Enemy”, but it just so happens that I also have a Past Imperfect involving THAT mess, so I might have to drag that one out as well. Sadly, I don’t think doing so will rectify your own malfeasance with the pun… 😉


  2. The world’s first documented case of the “blink” contest. Which became popular with those who had unfulfilling bedroom ‘frolics’. I’m real sorry for Mae that she didn’t get “Trigger” and got “Tigger” instead…and now I want some baby carrots. Jimmy? You available man?

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      • And I imagine Trigger and Buttermilk were friends with the Lone Ranger’s nephews’ horse named Victor! Whatever happened to good old fashioned names like “horsse,” or “dog” or “kitten?” Every kitten I ever had was named “kitten.”

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