Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #354

It was a Sisterhood Rule understood by all conscientious women: If you suddenly realize that everyone in your entourage has failed miserably with their coiffures for the day, you must divert attention from your follicular tragedies by engaging in inexplicable behavior. In this case, the members of the Zeta Beta Upsilon sorority thought it best that they should all straddle an enormous block of ice in the middle of a golf course and act like they have never done anything more satisfying, ever. Of course, this poor career choice also led to the sisters being considered “frigid” at the social mixer later that evening, due to the unexpected chastity belts that arose from their ill-considered group decision to play squat-tag with a frozen paramour.

In a completely unrelated development, this is also the evening that F. Scott Fitzgerald began working on his next book, “Tender is the Night”…


Previously published in “Crusty Pie”. Slight changes made for this post. And yes, before anybody comments about it, I do manage to find the oddest photos. It’s a special calling…


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  1. Not that I have any experience with such things (that rumor about me & certain ‘natural herbs’ of the smokable kind is a LIE), but I suspect a huge bong, a big bag of Columbia’s finest (or Maui Wowie) and an hour or two spent exploring the benefits of smoking weed when one ought to be studying or boning up ( 😉 ) on the finer points of how to catch a husband 101; is responsible for the ice sculpture frolics. Explains the really odd expressions on those women’s faces if nothing else.

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    • Then again, this was roughly 1926 or some such. What ELSE was there to do for fun? I would imagine that stumbling across a huge block of ice in the midst of a field would be like winning the entertainment lottery. So many games one could play. Pin the golf club on the ice donkey. Queen of the Ice Hill. Red Rover, Red Rover, let Icey come over… okay, maybe that last one wouldn’t work…


  2. You do indeed have a talent for finding quirky photos. Hats off!
    As to this one, normally my heart goes out to these poor lasses falling victim to the line, “this will help your career, I swear!” But in this case, I’m terribly worried the groundskeeper of the golf course must have fainted dead away. For the ice, sure, but mainly those heels! My God, ladies, take off the damn heels!

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    • And really, why would any woman or flamboyant man want to wear heels with a bathing suit? The comfort factor alone would give me pause, never mind the shocking turbulence of the fashion decision. Then again, the pinnacle of my couture efforts stops at anything beyond faded jeans and a baggy t-shirt, so I guess I’m not one to judge. But I still do…

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