Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #198

The next day, all of the speaker boxes in Row Two were in mourning, as one of their own had been felled. The night before, a truck full of rednecks from Pawhuska had failed to roll down their window and disengage the audio contraption as they were leaving, which resulted in Speaker Box #13 being ripped from the ground, pole and all, and dragged down Highway 244. It was a tragic, heartless development. In the background, the playground equipment in Story Book Lane stood in sad solidarity to show support for the surviving speaker boxes, with the swings not moving and the merry-go-round refusing to turn…


Previously shared in “Crusty Pie” and “Bonnywood Manor”. No changes made. It’s too soon and I’m still not over the grief…


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  1. Could it be that Speaker Box #13, after countless night amplifying the horrors of teen slasher movies, had merely slipped the cultural confines of outdoor theater to seek the freedom of the road?

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    • That’s an interesting and plausible idea, and I appreciate your creativity. But no, this is clearly an example of speaker-cide at the hands of rednecks with no boundaries, a phrase which should also be the name of my autobiography…


  2. Last time I checked, there remained two drive-in theaters in Phoenix. We went often when I was a tyke and we actually took our kids a few times, but it was seriously difficult to make it through both features without using the bathroom. And seriously, you did NOT want to use the bathroom!
    Yeah. Good times… 😉

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    • Sadly, there are no drive-ins left in Dallas proper. (One must go south to Ennis or west to the far side of Fort Worth to enjoy such.) But back in Tulsa? There are still several, with one being the resurgence of the Admiral Twin Drive-In, one of my childhood haunts, and the very location which Francis Ford Coppola used in “The Outsiders”. Use this trivia as you deem fit. (No word on the current status of the bathrooms…)

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