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Friday Night Clam Bake – #25: Music to Soothe the Savage Teeth

Hey, folks.

For this week’s session around the campfire, we’re going to relax and take it easy, so the sound of my own voice won’t make me crazy. As some of you may have noticed in the previous post, I had yet another root canal yesterday, so I’m still a bit out of sorts. More from the pain meds and not the actual pain, mind you. And neither angle has been all that obtrusive, but the conflux has resulted in me accomplishing absolutely nothing of importance today. Why break the trend with this post?

So, I’m just going to throw out a few music videos and add a scratch or two of commentary. (A concept which harkens back to the original Clam Bakes years ago, before I got all highfalutin’ with these things, with the allegories and poetry and general literary rambunctiousness.) I should point out that several of these “videos” are just audio clips, so don’t expect anything fancy. After all, it’s the music that really matters.

Since I’ve already paraphrased the lyrics in the opening paragraph, we’ll go with this one first:



During my college years, when I was in the midst of all that “exploring the boundaries” mess, I was greatly enraptured with the two albums recorded by “Yaz”. (Known as “Yazoo” in the UK and elsewhere.) This is one of my favorite cuts:



I love me some Elton John, and I generally claim that “Your Song” is my favorite, but this one is a close second. (But really, Elton and Bernie Taupin have about 500 songs that I worship.)



A flashback to the glory days of singer-songwriters in the 70s that spoke directly to my heart:



If you don’t already own the “Dusty in Memphis” album, you should.



Throwing this one in just to prove that I don’t only listen to old-school music, even though the song was released (gasp) 23 years ago. (Damn, I’m old. I guess the root canals are proof of that.)



Well, hell. This one is 30 years old. Maybe I AM stuck in the past. (By the way, “Mike” is Mike Rutherford from Genesis, for those of you who remember such a thing.)



Speaking of band members who went on to other things, here’s Dave Grohl (“Nirvana” to “Foo Fighters”). This video is actually a hoot if you have the time to watch it…



And another one who transitioned…



And since we have a trend going, let’s wrap it up with this one…



And there we have it, another random journey through an admittedly scattershot grouping of songs echoing in my past. It’s not the full picture, of course. But they are all little passport stamps from Broken Arrow to Bonnywood.



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  1. Love the Eagles song…well, all their songs! I hadn’t heard of Better Than Ezra in a long time, but the song I remember most of theirs is “Good”. And, we once had a black cat my daughter named Ezra! 🙂

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  2. Yeah, you’re stuck in the past, but no apologies needed. When I’m cleaning the house I always have music playing – LOUDLY – and I usually choose Shaggy or Rusted Root… both from the 90s. Um… yeah.

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  3. ‘At Seventeen’ breaks my heart. Eagles; bloody love me some Eagles. And 70s Elton. And ‘if you don’t own Dusty in Memphis’? Own it and brought it to work with me! I’m genuinely sat here with it beside me, though choosing to work in silence today. Great choices. More of this please 😊.

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