Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #348

“Hi, my name is Any Woman, and I was a prostitute in the infamous Storyville section of New Orleans, and my voice from the past is here to warn you that one hundred years later there will still be Republican men who will do everything they can to keep you voiceless and subservient. Fight with all your might until we get equal standing. And while you’re at it, try to knock some sense into those women who are so clueless that they continue to vote for misogynistic men who totally disregard their worth…”

[Editor: “Are you sure you want to run this? Where’s the funny?”

Brian: “There’s nothing funny about inequality and the people who preach it. Hit the enter key.”]


Previously published in “Crusty Pie”, circa 2016. No changes made as most of the men in the current Republican party haven’t stopped being bitter since women got the right to vote, circa 1919. Photo by E.J. Bellocq, circa 1912. Sharing this post again in response to Alabama’s recent passing of legislation, already signed by the governor, that will almost entirely outlaw abortion, even in the case of rape or incest.

I am once again agog, circa 2019, at the lengths some people will go to in order to take away the rights of others, especially when it involves personal decisions that do not affect the usurpers in any way.

Thanks for listening. We’ll be back with the funny in the next post.



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    • Thank you for your comment, as I completely agree that fundamental decency and humanity crosses borders and cultures. We must be strong together to ensure that equality is universally accepted…


  1. We’ve been knocked back a century. Screw what the calendar might say, we’re truly living in 1919 or earlier. I see Alabama losing a lot of money from their stupidity. Because a woman who wants a safe procedure will go find it. Elsewhere.

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  2. I have my own views on abortion. I do believe that it’s murder, but if I was carrying a child that had no brain, or arms or legs, I could not bring it into this world. I would just have to beg for forgiveness.
    Victims of rape and incest is horrible enough, but those who get pregnant is unspeakably horrific. I would love to see them have the child and give it to a couple who desperately want a child and would love it and give it a good life…but, could I carry a child to term if I had been raped? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want the government telling me that I HAD no choice.
    Then there’s the ridiculous idea that these animals who rape, actually having parental rights to the child if it is carried to term. If the government is going to dictate what we can and can’t do with our bodies, even after being defiled, then make it LAW that the rapists will have NO parental rights EVER, and they must pay support to those children (through the court) until the child is 18.
    Hell, I say…cut their nuts off. I’ll bring the rusty chainsaw.

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    • I fully understand that there are differing views on abortion, and I fully support the right to have those opinions. But we are in agreement that personal decisions and actions should not be subject to the “moral authority” of others. We each have our own lives to live as best we can, and as long as what we do has no impact on others, we should be free to pursue our chosen paths…


  3. The aftereffects of reading Handmaiden’s Tale lingers and its been over a decade. I doubt I could go through an abortion but would drive friend or family there if that was their need. I am Christian and find the evangelicals hypocritical and bizarrely lacking in compassion. Politically,the way they and the Reps are manipulating the law and Supreme court is equally disgusting. The Constitution was meant to be flexible, not warped.

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    • I absolutely love your last line. The Constitution has been so perverted and misused for so long that many folks have no idea what the founding principles are all about. This was meant to be a country that provided for as much freedom as possible for the citizens, not an autocracy where any one faction would be allowed to regulate all…

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  4. Did you hear about the Dem. Senator in Alabama who introduced a bill making it a felony for a man to get a vasectomy? She said it didn’t seem right there wasn’t legislation controlling what men can do with their bodies. 🙂

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    • YES!! (Okay, that was a bit too exuberant, fully admit.) Granted, the bill will go nowhere, at least not in that state. But I appreciate the effort. If we’re going to get ridiculous with our legislation, then two can play at that game…

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  5. Words fail me, the world fails so many folk. We are going backwards and about to drown in our own smelly shit. Only hope those stupid ignoramuses who think things like that go first.

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  6. Do you remember that it was the Democrats who were opposed to the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Or that a Democrat ran on peace then got us into WWI? Or that a Democratic Congress Tried to stack the Supreme Court in FDR’s administration? Or that FDR, a Democrat, interned Japanese in WWII?
    I think it would help your case to humbly acknowledge that both parties have skeletons in the closet. We as citizens should be calling them out, and not play the partisan game IMO.


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