Communique from Cómpeta – #19

We were innocently making our way back from the proper village of Cómpeta to our little villa located on the outskirts of town. The wee journey had been rather uneventful so far, if you put aside the always-inherent danger of traveling the merest trace of a country road, one that tightly hugs the perilous twists and turns of a questionable thoroughfare which has been etched into the side of a mountain. (One false move and we might extemporaneously end up creating a tribute to the final moments of Princess Grace, accompanied by much surprise, impromptu pageantry, and a considerable amount of screaming.)

Suddenly, we had company.

We’d seen these gals many times during our visits to the villa, traipsing past our abode early in the day and then returning later in the afternoon. We’d just never gotten this up close and personal. And in an interesting, Bonnywood Manor twist, the song playing on the car radio is one that I just quoted a few days ago in a post. Life moves in mysterious, interconnected ways. (By the way, the soundtrack also includes a smidge of salty observational language, so brace yourselves accordingly. You also might want to turn up the volume a bit for the full effect.)




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  1. Life IS interconnected. Just last week (was it last week…how the time runs together these days) I posted my favorite(s) in ‘salty’ love songs and “Constant Cravings” was among my top 10. Hmmmm. Ziggy and Pudge are now urgently looking for that goat that “maaa’d” during your video, I think they’re disappointed one hasn’t materialized in my house. And I never knew, but am now aware, that goats get “tit sag’ as well…maybe that should be “UDDER sag”. Gravity is not kind to God’s creatures sometimes. 😛

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    • I clearly need to catch up on your posts, but I’m sure you understand that I’ve been a bit distracted. That said, I must also say that the “udder sag” was rather startling, giving me pause. But the goats seemed to be rather happy, so I suppose it’s all about how one embraces the circumstances one is given…


  2. I love the video! 🙂 It’s great that you have it. I had a similar encounter many years ago in South Africa with a large herd of sheep, complete with shepherd. Their movement reminded me of a flowing current, and I and my vehicle were a large rock in the centre of it. 🙂

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    • “Flowing current” is a perfect description. The goats just flowed around us, paying no attention to our modern conveyance and doing what they’ve always done for centuries…


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