Communique from Cómpeta – #21

For once, I’m just going to keep my mouth relatively shut and get out of the way, letting the pictures speak for themselves. These are snaps from the Cueva de Nerja on the southern coast of Spain. Enjoy.

The cave was discovered in 1959 by a group of five men mucking about in a field, when they noticed an interesting opening and wondered where it might lead. Rather good philosophy for life, eh? (Not that I’m ever going into a dark hole unless someone else has already been in there first and lived to tell about it. But you know what I mean,)


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  1. GASP!
    I love caves! Seriously, can’t pass one by. Your pics are gorgeous.
    If you ever find yourself in southern AZ, look into Kartchner caverns. They were discovered much in the same way as these and they’ve gone to great lengths to preserve them. Highly worth a visit.

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  2. There is a pond outside the window where I write. Ducks spend the day skimming along in flotillas or squawking and arguing. The best is when the baby duckies arrive. Watching the ducks is a comfort every time I pause to reread a line or just to watch them live their simple duckie lives.

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