Communique from Cómpeta – #23

Jean: “Excuse me, Mr. Photographer Man, but what are we trying to accomplish here?”

Photographer: “Well, as the newest spokesmodel for Bonnywood Manor, you’re here to do your Public Relations magic and keep the blogging worlds aligned in a satisfactory manner.”

Jean: “I don’t really recall signing up for such. Was there a memo I missed somewhere?”

Photographer: “It’s entirely possible, as Brian of Bonnywood has a long history of focus issues. That aside, you did, indeed, sign a very important piece of paper, shortly after you were served your seventh massive mug of sangria whilst floating in the villa pool on a pineapple-hued raft and ogling an unending cavalcade of sun-burnished men in skimpy bathing attire.”

Jean: “Oh. Well, that certainly sounds like something that might trip me up. So, what must I do in order to receive the holy sacraments of an eighth mug of sangria?”

Photographer: “You simply have to apologize to the readers of this blog that Brian has been unduly detained and has been unable to respond to comments for the last ten days.”

Jean: “By that, you mean Brian has been drinking an exorbitant amount of alcohol and couldn’t discern a keyboard from a kiwi.”

Photographer: “I really don’t think we should dwell on the details.”

Jean: “I beg to differ. I’ve been swilling as well but at least I’m still wearing my panties. At least I think they’re my panties. Things do feel a bit out of place, but I choose not to consider the matter any further. Just tell me what I need to say so I can get back to the ogling of the skimpy.”

Photographer: “That Brian apologizes profusely for not commenting on the comments since he landed in Spain.”

Jean: “But we already covered that in a previous post. How much must I suffer for my art?”

Photographer: “Well, the stats show that very few people read that original post. So, say it again. Repetition is the key to social-media domination.”

Jean: “That’s just stupid. Whatever. Brian has sucked recently at responding to comments and maybe he will finally catch up when he gets back to the States. There. Is that good enough? Where’s my sangria?”

Photographer: “It’s currently floating toward you on the back of a sun-burnished local named Guillermo de Guapo.”

Jean: “Excellent. Don’t hold my place at dinner.”

Photographer: “I wouldn’t dream of it.”


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  1. Photographer (sotto voce after last comment): ….because who knows where it’s been?? (not too subtle drum riff fades into the air-o-zone where it wafts away, chastened). We’ve all been on va-ca (not me and never in the foreseeable future which is highly depressing in some ways) and lost our way. You’ll come home eventually and things will re-align. All is well.

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    • Yes, all was well and re-aligned after we stumbled our way back home. And really, what was I thinking, hiring Jean Harlow as a spokes-model? History has proven that she made some very bad choices, especially when it came to healthcare options… 😉


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