Communique from Cómpeta – #24

Pablo de Pato, left: “Hmm. I think I’m going to miss those evildoer vacationers now that they have left the villa in Cómpeta and headed back to places that do not threaten our territorial domain.”

Ducky Bob, right: “Interesting. We also seem to have left Cómpeta, because I believe we’re now in Málaga. According to that menu over there, this is the Sala Premier on Calle Molina Lario, where Brian and Terry like to drink Brambles and people-watch. I may ask myself, well, how did I get here?”

Pablo: “I arranged for us to go on a little excursion.”

Ducky Bob: “And how were you able to afford this little arranging? We don’t have any money. Because we’re ducks.”

Pablo: “I may or may not have commandeered one of Brian’s credit cards. I picked a pretty one that was nice and sparkly. I thought you’d like that part, Gay Ducky Bob.”

Ducky Bob: “Okay, we don’t always have to reference my rainbow aspects now that you outed me. A casual mention every now and then is just fine. And did you really think that Brian wouldn’t notice the swiping? He notices everything, much to the chagrin of people who suddenly find themselves in one of his blog posts.”

Pablo: “You didn’t seem to have a problem sucking down that Bramble. And did you really think it was necessary to jump into the Bramble and guzzle like a muskrat in heat?”

Ducky Bob: “It was liquid and my natural aquatic instincts kicked in. Because we’re ducks. Besides, I couldn’t use the straw because I’m made of plastic and my little mouth-hole isn’t big enough. Life is full of challenges and sometimes we just have to make do.”

Pablo: “Exactly. That’s why I stole the credit card. You just need to relax and enjoy this opportunity. Should I order another round of Brambles?”

Ducky Bob: “I guess so. And hey, have them bring us one of those bowls of peanuts I see on some of the other tables.”

Pablo: “And exactly how are you going to eat them? What with your little plastic hole and all.”

Ducky Bob: “Oh, I can always manage to get nuts in my mouth, I love them so.”

Pablo: “How do you expect me to not mention your rainbow aspects when you say things like that?”

Ducky Bob: “You’re the one that went there, not me. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

Pablo: “I don’t follow.”

Ducky Bob: “I didn’t expect you to. That’s a throw-away line for folks who actually read books, and we all know you don’t read anything that has actual words in it, just like your hero Donald Dump.”

Pablo: “Hey, there’s no need to-”

Ducky Bob: “Hold up. I’m getting a text from Brian.”

Pablo: “Wait, when did that start happening?”

Ducky Bob: “It’s not really important at this point. Uh oh. It looks like Brian is not having a very good time trying to fly back to Dallas. Something about him being flagged in the system as a terrorist or some such. That can’t be good. Says he could probably get at least three blog posts out of the wretched ordeal.”

Pablo: “Is the world ready for another multi-part blog post from Brian?”

Ducky Bob: “Is the world ever ready for any of his posts?”

Pablo: “Good point. I’ll order that next round of Brambles while you finish up.”

Ducky Bob: “Don’t forget the nuts!”


To be continued…


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  1. So many tales of travels travails, so many byrning questions, so many nutty stories- salty stories at that- and then Security steps in. This does not bode well for a happy return from a holiday.

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  2. That “flagged in the system as a terrorist” got my attention. Although the gay duck(s) and the Brambles (you must explain some time what the heck that is besides something on a bush) and the whole Malaga cameo were nifty. One thing, perhaps the best thing, about traveling to foreign climes (I’ve only been to Canada, but it’s FOREIGN dang it), is coming back home again. Unmolested by idiots wearing TSA badges whose names are “Bubba” or “Darleen Jean” or other red-necky sounding names (apologies to any Bubbas or Darleen etcs in the crowd who might read my comment). I got stopped in Seattle (which is part of MY country dang it) by some idiot with a beehive hairdo and the brain (apparently) which was the size of a pea. She found an ‘error’ in my ID (I didn’t have my WHOLE $#!@ name on my passport, which was NOT my fault…our government hires idiots. Hence the beehive hairdo lady working the TSA desk). It took another form of ID to convince her I really am who I say I am. That third form of ID was of a religious nature which irony (combination of church and state, although not my state) rendered me speechless. Here’s hoping your egress is not further delayed. Because your message box is full. To bursting.

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    • Interesting trivia: Because it is my life’s fate to never take a decent official photo, no matter the circumstances, I never look like said photos. This often leads to complications, with suspicious people looking at my photo, looking at me, looking at my photo, looking at me. So I always have a plethora of IDs with me at all times. Of course, because none of the photos look like me, the suspicion grows and simple procedures turn into nightmares. And when you throw in the odd look of my last name? Well, it’s a wonder that I’m even allowed to leave Dallas for any reason whatsoever…


  3. Oh Lordy, I got behind and nearly missed you being flagged as a possible terrorist!! *Gasp*

    I confess I’ve never had a Bramble before but they look yummy. Please let Ducky Bob know he has an ally in me. 😉

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    • To be honest, the first time we found ourselves at this particular establishment in Malaga, the drink-menu description of the Bramble did not appeal to me at all. (I ordered a blackberry Mojito, which was divine on its own.) But Partner took the plunge, and once I got a sample of his concoction, I was entranced. It’s now one of our favorite, shared cocktail passions…

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