Almost Wordless Wednesday – #5

Once again, we’ve reached that point in the week where you lovely folks have the thrilling opportunity to decipher a random photo and make sense of what is happening. (True confession: I originally did the first “Almost Wordless” as a one-off, a gentle warp of the “Wordless Wednesday” photography trend here on WordPress. But the responses were surprisingly copious and immensely entertaining, so we’ll continue this little theme for now, at least until everyone gets sick of it and we move on to something else.)

A few background details to assist you with your whimsical interpretations:

This photo was taken in 2015, not 1985, despite the vibrant couture and possible break-dancing that may or may not be occurring.

This photo was taken in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, allowing you to rely on backwoods stereotypes, should you need some creative inspiration.

The “performance space” is my sister’s dining-room table. If you’re intrigued by the dungeon-esque, possibly S&M flavor of the metal band on the table, you’ll have to speak with her about the connotation. I was not involved in the purchase of said table and cannot be accused of aiding and abetting.

I really don’t know what those things are in the upper left of the image, even though I was there at the time, taking the photo as I did. We’ll just assume that I’m clinging to a psychological blackout of some kind. (How can she do that without damaging her special portals? Fade to black.)

But, to my knowledge, no one was harmed during the production of this artistic installation. Then again, Oklahoma is a red state, so I’m sure there was discrimination of some kind happening somewhere around us. It’s just the way the wind blows.

Okay, that should get you started.

Entrance me with your comments. It’s the right thing to do.



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  1. Entrance you? Brian, really. I haven’t entranced anyone since I was … well, a couple of decades ago. Unless you’re talking about entrance as in doors. If that’s the case, I can be a really great door. With locks and everything. 😉

    But I digress.

    I love how Mattel (or whoever) has developed an anatomically incorrect doll that has a) an eating disorder (notice the skinny limbs) b) a self-mutilation disorder (notice those brownish lines on the legs and upper arms) c) poor clothing choices (what are those things on her feet? They give a new definition to the term clodhopper.); and d) poor style choices (one part of her hair matches those “boots” on her feet. Did she steal those boots from a sasquatch? Are sasquatches green? Red? Hairless? Your hairdresser wants to know! The doll certainly doesn’t.). Okay, I’m getting carried away. Time to go. 🙂

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  2. “Oh no!” Draculaura screamed “Quick everyone, Amy is coming back!” The toys all stopped playing and fell to the ground. Except for Rochelle. She proved once again how awkward and uncoordinated she really was in the most basic of moves.

    (This house has seen its share of Monster High dolls :-))

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  3. (I’m glomming onto Robyn’s name for said dolly – I don’t have a clue what the hell that doll might be named ((if at all)) not having had any children’s toys in my own attic (I do have COLLECTIBLES though. Different thing entirely) Rochelle lay on the dance floor cursing the designer of said ‘floor’. A cute-ish little imp-ess named Felicia had been playing “80s Dance OFF!” with her collection of dolls (of whom Rochelle had been one). In mid Chicken Dance mode move – Rochelle slipped on her impossible footwear (or are those in-line skates??) and fell to the ‘floor’ (who puts steel and rivets on a ‘floor? Ow. ) verifying the fact that she was wearing no underwear and that a wedgie is painful even if the fabric is allegedly ‘silk’. A simultaneous front and back door wedgie really HURTS too. “Double your pleasure, double your fun” Rochelle’s possibly broken ass! At least it took Rochelle’s mind off her broken knee and wrist. Surgery or the trash can were surely in Rochelle’s future. It seemed very bleak.


  4. Um, I failed to notice the pseudo flesh colored protuberance from the back of “Rochelle”. What the hell is THAT? A tail? A bit of plastic spine protruding through the faux silk? It’s too slender to be part of her leg…… I think I may have overlooked a whole alley of possibility, but I’ve already flung my ‘freak’ flag. Don’t need to add more. 😐 (your sister is surprisingly liberal for Broken Arrow IMHO.) Who lets their children play with “Satan’s” toys? We all ‘know’ that all good parents only allow strictly Creationist dollies for their little girls. With no obsequious genitalia to engender imagination and sinful sexual play betwixt Rochells and Kens or Barbies and Rochelles or Ken and G.I. Joe. Que horrible!!! Dolls with tails are strictly forbidden. :O 😛


  5. No! I’ve fallen, and i can’t get up! And my poor sore snatch! It’ll never be the same! They say use it or lose it, but i’ve lost it and probably can never use it again.

    This will teach me not to drink too much gin before i dance and strip. Maybe. Or it might not teach me anything. I’m not a fast learner. At one time i was double jointed so i assumed i didn’t need a college degree. Who needs literature or chemistry when one has a bod like mine and can bend any which way when properly lubricated? Biology. That’s my science. I digress…

    Anyway, could someone help me up? I twirled one time too many and strayed too far from that convenient pole over there. I can’t use it for support. Please?! And bring me a couple more martinis.. for medicinal purposes. I tip well, though i’m usually the one who gets the tips.

    Anyone! I’m down here!…


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