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Saturday Share: The Continuing Conundrum of Incompatible Combustion

And so it was, four score and seven years ago (okay, maybe it was just ten days ago; I get confused), that I proffered up another picturesque writing-prompt. During the rousing commentary interplay that ensued, the deliciously-provocative Fiery composed a lovely poetic piece that encapsulated both the prompt and our years-long inability to make bang-bang, due to our variant sexual natures. I found her words quite fetching, and I was compelled to share them. Enjoy.


The Heartbreak Swing


What happened here

Upon this swing?


Quite an ugly thing

Though swingers (😆) all pulled through, alive

Some memories it did revive

And after several cocktails they

Decided they would spend the day

A-singing and a-swinging there

They shunned the ghosts of pasts unfair

And like young lovers, kissed a song

And did some naughty things (so wrong)

And old rekindled flames did rest

Upon that swing’s unerring breast

Their antics sprained a limb or two

(‘Cause that’s what sexy-time can do)

And I in turn, my sweet behind

I rested on that swing in kind

And wrote a little, sensual rhyme

(And thought, I’ll wear him down in time! )

And Hemingway, he may have sat

A glass of scotch beneath his hat

He made a pass at me, I swear

I said, just keep your paws right THERE

The rocks were…hard

They said, ‘sup girl?

You want a bit of Rock n Twirl?

And I was like…that makes no sense

(The swing’s integrity now tense.)

And as for arboreal matters…

Left the poor sweet swing in tatters

But what last words ‘pon swing were spoke?

(As Fiery’s grammar slowly broke…)

They were: “Oh B…let’s steal a kiss, one tiny smooch won’t go amiss!”

And thus the swing was torn apart

As SOMEONE broke poor Fiery’s heart

He never kissed this Lady Bard 😭

A swing and miss

In his backyard.




Note to those who are unfamiliar with the “Almost Wordless Wednesday” writing prompts here at Bonnywood: Feel free to participate in any of the previous wordplay invitations, as they are open-ended due to the fact that I don’t have much to do in my life. Simply enter “wordless” in the search box to find a trove of past prompts.


My high school “girlfriend” who insisted that I escort her to the senior prom: “Oh. I think I understand everything now.”

Me: “Not really.”


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  1. Nice one, Fiery. I’m a hopeless fool when it comes to poetry that makes you think AND grin. May I toss this in?
    When your heart takes wing,
    Soaring, flying high up in the air,
    Next comes the downswing
    And you’re back down on your derriere.

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  2. Hello, sexy

    Sorry for not being here sooner, I think you read my post explaining my retreat from the world for a while. I am better for now.

    But back to THIS.

    Couldn’t possibly heart you more and yes…This inability of our to make bang bang has been a sexy, unobtainable thorn in my curvy side for aeons and yet… i keep returning for more delicious torture from you and gorgeousness
    SIGH, B!

    Thank you for doing this and saying wonderful things about me.
    Jeez I’m already smitten. ..give a Fiery a break, yo! ♡♡♡

    Love you for many various and wonderful reasons


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    • This comment is why, if the fates allow, that we will remain forever friends, at least until that point where one of us is forced to seek shelter in one of those “retirement enclaves” which really means “yep, this is what happens to people who didn’t plan very well when it comes to retirement”. I’m sure I’ll get there long before you ever need use of such a place, youthful and dewy as you are, and the staff will have to deal with me nuttering about in my wheelchair and randomly proclaiming my regret over the “bang-bang that never happened”… 😉

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      • Awwwwww!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


        I heard a lot of rambling here which I translated to, “Let’s stay togeva foreva and I heart you because you’re the bestest eva. ” Pretty sure that’s what you meant 😉

        Love that you’ll have to be old, in a wheelchair and drooling before you regret not having ventured towards my downstairs area!

        A loving eyeroll for you, sexy.

        And I may be hugging you with roaming hands, so…deal with it!
        Smoochy smoochy smoochy smooooooooooooooooochy

        Liked by 1 person

        • I think you have wisely and proficiently interpreted all the right signals in my rambling. And since I’m obviously going to be the first one to be committed to our eventual Nursing Home of Trysting, I’ll make sure that the keep the adjoining room available at all times. Because one never knows exactly how the cookie might crumble, so to speak… 😉

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