Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #168

Actress on the Left: “I’m really not comfortable posing for this picture. And I’m not talking about the crappy lighting.”

Actress on the Right:  “I have bills to pay. I’m not saying a word.”

Left: “But we are clearly clutching phallic-symbol devices and pretending to be happy about it. This is sexist and it’s sending the wrong message.”

Right: “You say penis, I say I don’t want to have my electricity cut off.”

Left: “But what about the sisters fighting for our place in society? How are all women going to get the right to vote if we don’t stick together?”

Right: “I don’t owe anything to the sisters. I only owe something to me, and I’m going to get it, no matter what it takes. That’s what God wants me to do. ”

Left: “You’re bringing God into this? Millie, honey, I’ve seen you in action too many times. There’s nothing very Christian about anything you do.”

Right: “I’m only a Christian when the cameras are rolling. Now start smiling and grab that thing like you actually mean it.”

And thusly, the two main political parties in America drifted apart even further…


Previously published in “Crusty Pie” and “Bonnywood Manor”. No changes made for this post.


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    • There are so many unimportant competitions in America. Personally, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that so many people have never had to fight for something truly important, so they waste their time on inane pursuits, conflating them into much more than than they really are…

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  1. Many such splits have come about because someone grabbed the wrong handle and pulled. Take that any way you like. And the emojis? Sadly still elusive. Grrrrr. Maybe it’s because I don’t ‘pay to play’ on WordPress. *sigh* Another line of division. As usual, I’m on the (apparently) wrong side….

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    • I’m on the same page with you concerning the handle-pulling, mmm hmm.

      But I’m very blue about your emoji snafu. (Poet, didn’t know it.) I guess it’s your Windows 7 situation, as many apps these days no longer code to include that version. Who knows, though. Out of respect for your symbol barrenness, I will refrain from taunting/teasing you by using an emoji with this comment. Even though I found a really cute one. And I’m dying to use it. But no, stiff upper lip in solidarity with you. (But it’s really cute.)


  2. Two questions: Are those actually beer taps? and while perusing your tags I saw “Morpeth Bar” and now am wondering what that is. Care to enlighten me?
    Google told me it’s a place in England. Is that what beer taps in England look like?
    Oops, sorry. That was three questions.

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    • Yes, having frequented many a European pub, I can confirm that the items in question are beer taps. As for Morpeth, it IS a place in England, so the “Morpeth Bar” tag perhaps should have read “A Bar in Morpeth”. I no longer recall WHY I was once on a site involving vintage pubs in that area, but I do remember snagging the picture and adding it to my vast “possibility” folder, convinced of the promising fodder. As a bonus confirmation, I can also attest to the pint of lager in the foreground being a realistic representation, as that’s usually the amount of liquid you are left with once the famous “head” on said lager has dissipated…

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