Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #392

When Alberta set her mind to something, she was determined to see it through.

Henry, standing on the porch: “What the hell are you doin’, woman?”

Alberta: “Us women just got the right to vote and I’m off to do it.”

Henry: “But there ain’t no election today. Get back in here and fix me some breakfast.”

Alberta: “I didn’t say nothin’ about no election. And fix your own damn breakfast.”

Henry: “You talkin’ crazy, Alberta. You can’t get anywhere in this snow.”

Alberta: “It took over a hundred years for women to get the right to vote. You think I’m gonna sit on my ass cuz of a little bit of snow?”

Henry: “But there’s no election, Alberta.”

Alberta: “Don’t matter. I’m gonna sit there in the courthouse and wait till there’s something I can vote for and then I’m gonna vote the hell out of it. I been waitin’ a long time.”

Henry: “But I’m hungry, Alberta. Who’s gonna feed me?”

Alberta: “Well, there’s somethin’ for you to eat on the table.”

Henry: “Oh? Did you fix me some eggs like I like?”

Alberta: “Ain’t no eggs. Just some divorce papers. Hope they taste good.”


Previously published in “Crusty Pie” and “Bonnywood Manor”.


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  1. Sisters ARISE!! Unite! VOTE! Yes vote and vote and vote again. Maybe some day the men will start taking notice if we only stay strong. And then maybe some really incredibly stupid man will take office one day and try to wrest our hard won freedom of expression in voting from our cold, dead hands. I hope a woman shoots that asshole and all. Hold on Alberta, I’m a comin’ with you!

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    • Sadly, there are a lot of men who don’t notice anything but themselves. Still,we have to persevere. Of course, with so many Republican men having their noses shoved up Trump’s Whizzway, it’s going to take a long time to get their attention…

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