Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #424

In what subsequently proved to be an ill-advised inspiration, Ben and Jean tried spicing up their romantic life by reenacting the German invasion of France. Sadly, Ben arrived home from work early the next afternoon, intent on another incursion, only to find that France was in the midst of being liberated by the mailman, apparently playing the role of the United States…


Previously published in “Crusty Pie” and “Bonnywood Manor”.


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  1. Jean: Get OFF me you PERSON! My makeup and hair are PERFECT and I will NOT have you sullying either of them. Plus I look really really virginal..and rutting is so not a virginal thing to do!! But good work on that uniform….
    Ben: Darling, I have a fifteen minute break and just thought I’d see if France and which ever country is being invaded today could work out a little (very little) cease fire..
    Jean: I’m just not in the mood. Besides the United States got there first and my fire is ceased. Maybe permanently.
    Ben: Damn. And here I was all worked up and ready to pull down the wall..
    Jean: That’s BERLIN you numbskull…Did Germany get in on this muddled piece (deliberate spelling, don’t throw rotten tomatoes) accord?
    Ben: The script says “GERMAN invasion of FRANCE…so yeah, Germany was right in there. Before the United States too. Although I don’t think America wanted to invade France. Did they?
    Jean: Your fifteen minutes are up. So get off to work. We’ll try this again later, after … well LATER, ok?

    Forgive the rambling. I just got done reading Evil Squirrel’s C.O.W entries. And the influence lingers…

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  2. Feel bad for Ben and all that, but can’t help but wonder what is so fascinating on the headboard to attract mailman’s attention? Whatever it is, he nearly lost his balance from the shock

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