Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #61

  These lovely actresses are portraying the Four Stages of Intoxication, left to right:

1) Chaste Sipping

2) Focused Slurping

3) Reckless Guzzling

4) Tramp



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  1. O_o Okay then. Um. Was this featured, along with those ‘health education films’ (which both of us were too young to have ever seen. They’d upgraded the presentation by the time we rolled in) ? The ‘chaste sipping’ one seems the most acceptable of the four. And doesn’t that slut on the end know about the 4th Wall?? I bet she didn’t get much work except as a casting couch cushion…

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    • Oh, I’ve seen some of those health films. Oklahoma officials were never very invested in funding public education, so the “educational films” we were forced to peruse were ancient and worn, giving off an aura of 1932. (Maybe they were relics from the Dust Bowl?)

      And I think Tramp is very aware of the 4th wall, lusting as she apparently is over the photographer…


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