Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #79

  This meeting of the Official Congressional Committee on the Reproductive Rights of Women is now in session…


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  1. And yet ‘they’ (they being men ((not you nor any sensible, caring man like yourself)) stereotypes women as having ‘penis envy’. Sounds to me like a little bit of vay-jay envy going on. I realize (doing a bit of profiling myself) that men (see disclaimer above) are overly interested in the female reproductive system in general, VERY interested; but you’d think they might take an anatomy course or do some sexual healing ♪♫ *snicker*. Still we’re talking REPUBLICAN (and democrat) politicians, aren’t we? Those idiots sorely need a brain transplant and might be forgiven because they never had their mothers’ love….

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    • Many good points, as usual. Confusion and misunderstanding about the alternate plumbing, unsatisfactory childhoods brimming with revenge and, most importantly, fear of loss of power…


  2. Well, flip my fedora! If that don’t get the gals pulses racing I don’t know what will. Those tightly packed shoes, those so suggestive baggy pants, that crisp white shirt proudly displayed above that graying holey string vest…Truly, one look at that five would cool any co-eds arduor anyway.

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