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Blogger Spotlight: Casey at “WrittenCasey”

There are three things about Casey that I immediately noticed: She’s not afraid to let her mind wander into cryptic corners, poking about with a stick, and then sharing the poking with you. Her pieces are often densely-layered, the kind where you know you didn’t get it all the first read-through, but you are happy to run the gamut again. And she sometimes bases her musings on music videos of songs that I greatly admire, which anyone who visits Bonnywood on a regular basis knows is something that speaks to my heart.

As a lover of words and unregulated imagination, I was naturally hooked. (And a little bit jealous.) It thrills me when I stumble across a writer who does not hesitate to speak their truth.

I spoke with Casey about which of her stories she would like me to share, and while she proffered up several options, I chose to go with a selection that she did not mention. (I hope she forgives me.) It’s a short piece, but it’s a nice introduction, hinting at the imagery that you will find if you choose to dig deeper. Enjoy.


Vinyl Track Intro


I notice

a bonfire,

(alit via a couple of cotton balls, a lighter, and a tube of

lip balm)

burning high,

(especially when being properly blown into)

sounds a lot like a needle, with

a diamond tip,

sliding around and around,

a vinyl record’s groove.


Right before the song starts.



You can peruse more of Casey’s work by clicking here. If you have comments specifically for Casey, please be gracious enough to make them on the original post found here so Casey can be assured of receiving your thoughts.

Note: The opening photo is a random snap from my phone, a screenshot from a video game I once played, wherein it was important that I remember a secret code in order to accomplish something or other, I don’t remember. But I found it a fitting image for an artist where you aren’t sure what you’re getting, but you want to know more…


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