Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #44


Mabel was quite disappointed to learn that her gentleman caller was only here to spray for termites…


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  1. Actress (channeling Mae West, but without the external enhancements): *AHEM*
    Plumber/termite man/handy type man person: What? Can’t you see i”m really busy here? Your handy man problem isn’t going to go away with distractions being placed on the menu!
    Actress: Don’t you think I look really seductive and fetching though? This is my second best negligee after all!
    Plumber dude: I guess. But lady, I gotta tell ya. Your efforts are wasted. My tool belt is reserved for others with similar tool belts. Lady type tool belts don’t ring my bell.
    Actress: But I specifically requested a REAL MAN to come adjust my off kilter..
    Plumber dude: And that’s exactly what you got too. A REAL MAN. I’m in touch with my feelings see, and they tell me that embracing my inner manly man is the way to go.
    Actress: Well just don’t expect a tip!


    • Oh, this was tasty, with hints of diversity, diversion and drama. Which means that it should be immediately turned into a musical on Broadway. I’ll have my people see what they can do….


    • I’m not sure if you’re just being coy or if you really do find lace-enhanced night-night clothes to be the bee’s knees, so I’ll just calmly end this comment without making any judgment… 😉

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