Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #109

  The Thompson Triplets, with their intense patriotism and even stronger attraction to men in uniform, never missed a troop train rolling into town. They collectively had a total of 47 children, with a surprising number of them named “Junior”, which caused confusion at church picnics. This population influx eventually led to their home state gaining an additional seat in the House of Representatives, a development which caught the eye of political strategists. Republicans in the red states are now trying to pass the “Horny Patriot Act”, which requires all women to procreate with conservative military men as often as possible…



Previously published, revised for this post.


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    • I understand your love of trains, truly, despite the wretched incident in my childhood when my father forced me to participate in the creation of a model-train diorama that became more about him than me. He didn’t agree with my suggestion to put rainbow flags in the village square, and it went downhill from there… 😉


  1. The “gaining an extra seat in the House of Representatives” made me snort in a most unladylike manner. So thank you for that.
    As for the appeal of uniformed men, perhaps it was to my credit that nothing came close to the sexiness of a UPS man. And, you know, they hop back onto their trucks so darn fast, you just can’t catch them! 😉

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