Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #459

Archaeologist #1: “What the hell is that?”

Archaeologist #2: “Well, based on my research notes, this appears to be a rare specimen from the Golden Age of Hollywood.”

Archaeologist #1: “What made that age golden?”

Archaeologist #2: “I’m assuming it was a time when humans were able to reproduce with chickens.”



Previously published.


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    • And which came first? Was there scrambling involved? Why do eggs come in a dozen? Do they expect some of them to fail? What’s up with those recalcitrant hard-boiled eggs that refuse to be shelled in a manner that leaves a smooth surface, instead fighting back, resulting in those wretched, crater-dented egg halves that look atrocious when one serves deviled eggs, leading to social ostracism? It’s a troubled world we live in….

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    • Oh, your first line reminded me that I have a Past Imperfect with Gene Kelly and a mop somewhere in the archives. Must dig that out.

      Eggs are cray.

      And a gay riddle doesn’t do common pancakes, only crepes… 😉

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  1. Legally Dead Madeline Kahn (yeah I know that’s not the actress you portrayed): Oh Peter!! OH sweet mystery of life ♪♫♪♫
    Also Totally Deceased Peter Boyle (oh the humanity): Ah my love!! Which oddly is my first lay. Well in this body anyway…I ADORE your ‘do!!
    MK: Do you really like it? I got it done especially in case some possibly partially dead creature came calling!
    PB: It really does things to me! A strange urge to (more strains of Sweet Mystery of Life waft about. Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy (both also dead) plan to sue for song write infringement)
    MK: Now can you help me out with one thing, you hot monster, you!! ❤
    PB: Your wish is my command. Especially since Mr. Hot Monster (the smaller version) is now your sex slave…
    MK: Get this %$@!# peacock off my head!! The thing is beginning to moult and making my head really itch! Even if it is the most exquisite hair extension going!
    PB: You're telling me that isn't your REAL hair? Ah pooh!
    MK: Just as I expected. Just when things are getting romantic, reality steps in and rips the mask off.
    PB: No, in this case, it ripped your wig off….Say! Is it me or does dead peacock smell REALLY REALLY funky? I've got the number to a swell taxidermist right here…

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