Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #199

With the introduction of the Otis Autotronic Elevator on Tulane Street in New Orleans, Bridgette was hired as a spokesperson to allay the fears of the local citizenry that placing your faith in a moving metal box could lead to debauchery and Democratic-voting. Sadly, Bridgette was unable to comprehend numbers higher than “five”, because that’s the most chickens they ever had back on the farm, and she was uncertain of which devil button to push. Still, her winning smile and vibrant outfit seemed pleasing enough, so the advertising team ran the photo anyway. In an unrelated but interesting note, Bridgette eventually gave birth to the actress Geena Davis, who subsequently rode the express elevator to the basement of the Grand Canyon.



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  1. An edited modern photograph of Geena Davis. Evidently herself and the photographer and the editor have not noticed she was still carrying her iPhone in it’s cute little leather case in her other hand. Another note: they obviously still don’t put pockets in many dresses.

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  2. Salut you! I’ve been AWOL far too long but awake and blinking in the unaccustomed daylight I am heartened to note that you are still producing vintage works. I look forward to climbing aboard your Starlight Express as a regular, and finally happy again, passenger.

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    • Mon dieux! I have been faithfully checking your blog over the many decades that we have been parted, only to be woefully saddened each visit, as your last post was composed during the mid-1800s. I am palpitating with excitement that you have surfaced!

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      • Was it only then? I thought it may have been in my medieval period – or perhaps that was simply the last time I made any sense 😉. It’s SO good to be in touch with you again Sir Brian. What glee I feel!!!

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  3. Geena or Mrs. Bridgette was accosted outside that elevator (either one or both) by the Citizenry For Overwhelming Washing (C.O.W. for short) and given a ticket(s) for the fact that they actually touched the buttons on those elevators going up and/or down. They were further chastised for being spreaders of COVID-19 (13, 12 or 42.. I can’t keep track). Neither woman (one being dead now presumably and the other too sensible by far (apparently) to pay attention to mob mentality thinking, paid any money. The winning smiled (pictured above) charmed the judge in the case so fully that he went on to (possibly) marry Mrs. Davis the first. They lived happily because their time was long before idiots took the stage wholesale and began tearing down goal posts willy nilly. Yeah, I’m known to mix a metaphor. Well what is one to do when one is housebound (not by choice) but by fear mongers and terrorists. Does this latest ‘scare everybody to death with unsubstantiated rumors and lack of intelligence to actually FIX the damn problem’ mean the terrorists have won? I think so. And they wear ‘OUR’ faces too. 😮 😯 😥

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    • You went so many different ways with this comment that I had to open up an Excel Spreadsheet to track all the references. (Not complaining about that, mind you, as I have an inordinate predilection for said spreadsheets. In fact, you have satisfied me in a way that many past lovers were not able to do. Take that as you will.)


  4. You can tell it’s an old elevator because it doesn’t have the X-wing fighter button, TIE fighter button, or Darth Vader’s helmet. At least that’s what they look like to me:-) What a resemblance between Geena and her mom!

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    • Well, if it really is Geena’s mom, then I deserve some type of award for happenstance genealogical research, as I was merely winging it. But I’m all on board with the rapid descension of the orange howler monkey…

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