“Surrender the Me to the We”

In a bit of a departure for Bonnyood, I’m simply going to share a video of an opinion piece from Chris Cuomo at CNN. (If the previous line makes you want to run, just stick with me.) He strikes the chord that I was trying to hit the other day, with a post wherein I mused about what we’re feeling and what we should be doing during this rapidly-changing, troubled moment in our lives. It’s only five minutes, so give it a listen, if you can.


Let’s surrender together, shall we? It’s one of the ways we can get through the shadows. And along those lines, I have a little something I’m working on that will be my tiny contribution to this effort, as long as I don’t screw it up royally. We’ll see. Stay tuned…


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    • Right? 150 years ago one’s daily planner consisted of “tend to the crops, feed the livestock, chop firewood, kill a chicken for dinner and hope that you don’t get typhoid”. Most people didn’t leave the homestead but once a year… 😉

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  1. I am about to go into self-isolation (on Friday) because I am overseas and will be returning. Basically, my country is shutting down – that IS what we can do.

    And, there is a silver lining to this situation – the world’s pollution levels are dropping rapidly.

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    • I’m glad you brought up the pollution angle. Preliminary studies have shown that a mere few months of factory shut-downs in China, which is arguably one of the world’s biggest polluters, is already having a noticeable impact on the atmosphere. Which just goes to show that we CAN stop climate change if people would just pull there heads out…

      As for isolation, I’m doing it even if I don’t have to. Just quick dashes to get essentials. Why risk it? Relax and get some stuff done around the house…

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  2. I’m a hermit anyway. Its business ad usual for me. My only problem, and it’s a whine, Ben home for 3 weeks😱 my tenuous sanity may be stretched to it’s limits. Probably no one would notice if I was extra goofy though, so all good!😉🤣💃🏼

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    • I fully understand what you’re going through. General hermit as well, and I grew up with a sibling that needed a lot of extra attention, so to speak. But I got through it, and we’ll get through this…

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  3. I’m operating as standard procedure. I do that isolation stuff ANYWAY. I don’t have children, so that part of the talk sailed over my head. Do I feel for the parents coping during this crisis? Sure. But I’m not adding their angst and terror to my own pile. I’m sensible enough, I like to think, and I’ll survive this mess. If you can find a way to restrict the dumb asses intent on buying every last scrap of toilet tissue in existence that is… 😛 I’ll look forward to your upcoming reveal!

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    • We don’t have children, either, at least not the kind that isn’t furry. But I really liked the general message of “sit your ass down and quit whining and deal with it”.

      As for the reveal, I just unleashed the beast a few minutes ago…


  4. That’s it. That’s exactly it. CC has it nailed and taped and everyone should listen to his wisdom. It’s a moment for we not me. And if we emerge understanding that we is really what should always be front and forward and that me is secondary then we will have progressed as a species.

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