Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #295

Irene: “When I was a little girl, I dreamed of standing outside a wagon-wheeled bungalow while a dark-haired man tried to win my affections.”

Cary: “How fascinating. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of wearing questionable socks and glossy short-shorts.”

Irene: “That doesn’t sound right. Are you sure you didn’t dream of making me your wanton plaything?”

Cary: “Oh. Maybe I didn’t understand the question. Are you old enough to be taken wantonly?”

Irene: “I believe the door number makes it clear.”

Cary: “I see. Well, I suppose there could be wantonness, but I’m thrown off a bit by your couture.”

Irene: “Really? One would think that a referee-based outfit would appeal to your beastly love of sports. Pretend that I have just made a ruling in favor of the opposing team, which has inspired you to teach me a lesson. I must be punished. Repeatedly.”

Cary: “That does have a certain charm. But no referee I know would wear shoes like that. Nor anyone who actually intends to go swimming.”

Irene: “Oh, I plan to get wet alright.”

Cary: “Well, then. I wouldn’t dream of ruining your agenda. Should we head to your locker room?”

Irene: “With extreme haste. But first…”

Cary: “Yes?”

Irene: “Could you reach behind me and open the door? I managed to get my hair caught when it closed and I’ve been waiting three hours for somebody to walk by.”


Previously published. Slight changes made for this post.

Personal note to the folks who expressed concern for my aunt in the previous post: The Covid test was negative. They still don’t know the source of the issue, but her condition has improved. Thank you for your kind thoughts.


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  1. Glad to hear that your auntie doesn’t have covid. 🙂

    This photo is disturbing. Wagon wheels, high heels, referee bathrobes and bobby socks. What is it trying to communicate? Have we fallen down the rabbit hole and entered one of Trampy Don’s fantasies? Yuck, Brian. 😉

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  2. Good news.

    Yet at the end of this intrepid story, where double entendres and mixed physical metaphors abound with abandon I assume you were feeling cheeky because of the health scare being only that. This struts it’s stuff alright. But the picture kind of lets the prose flow then, does it not?

    Stay sane, stay in, stay humorous, stay well.

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    • I am feeling a bit cheeky. And the pictures always allow my prose to flow. Of course, those pictures are sometimes only visible in my head and no one else can see them. But I’m used to that…. 😉


  3. Glad your aunt is doing better. I read a first person account of someone caring for a covid-19 patient, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    Oh, and any post with Cary is a winner post. Rerun or not. 😉

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  4. I don’t recall this particular Past Imperfect, so you can take comfort in the fact that it’s “new” to some of us! Good news on your auntie, I think stress is causing a lot of problems for the elderly that have nothing to do with that horrid virus.; Hope she continues to improve!\\

    Now about that picture: My first impression was “What’s Superman doing talking to Irene Dunne? Where are his leggings and those whitey-red-ies most of us (over a certain age) associate with the Man of Steel? I admired Superman’s costume a great deal and not only because of it’s stealth properties in making folks never ever suspect that was Clark Kent under there (those glasses had the same properties, only x 10)…

    Yes Mr. Carey still evokes a certain flutter in this old woman’s heart area…or maybe that’s just palpitations..

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    • I think you’re on to something there, with the stress of the virus causing the virus to be more stressful for certain folks. I wonder if anybody has bothered to study that?

      It’s also very interesting how the concept of “Superman” has evolved over the years. Apparently it’s no longer good enough just to “do the right thing”.

      And as for Cary, he can do whatever he wants in my boudoir. Palpitations be damned…


      • I would seriously doubt anyone has thought of the stress factor, let alone studied it. The best ideas occur to people nobody listens to, have you noticed? I saw some animated piece of stuff about Superman and how he turned bad (until they gave him the right kind of cocktail or something) and it was depressing. Superman OUGHT to stand for truth (unvarnished), justice (for all) and the *insert country of your choosing* way.

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