Campfire Songs: Mirth in the Madness #1


So, there’s a new image making its rounds on the Internet which I find greatly entertaining. (I’m admittedly twisted, so the previous sentence holds little weight or relevance with most of society.) I haven’t been able to source the image, so I can’t offer proper credit at this time. (Hopefully one of you can share some expository details in the comments, and I will rush to proffer proper fealty.) Anyway, herewith, said image:



That abandoned pitchfork just kills me. It really does.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with the “original” image, a painting by Grant Wood known as “American Gothic”, then the humor falls a bit flat. (If you aren’t aware that half of the world is on some degree of lock-down at the moment, then it falls even further.) If that’s the case, here is the original:



And here’s a link to an interesting story on both the artist and how this particular painting became so popular.

Side Note: As I type this, vague neurons in my brain are signaling that someone in the Bonnywood Community is related to Grant Wood. I should remember who this person is but, to be honest, those neurons in my brain haven’t been trustworthy since roughly 1891, when Grant Wood was born. I’m going to go with instinct and say said person is either “the lady who travels a lot” or “the lady who went from hot to cold”. Naturally, I fully expect that I have failed miserably or I will be redeemed in some way.

Of course, with this painting being such an iconic image, it has been manipulated many times over the decades. I’ll close out this post with one manipulation that is a perfect example of a failed leader desperately seeking validation in all the wrong places. (“I don’t take responsibility at all.”)

Have a great day. And practice safe distancing.




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  1. That is hilarious! Agreed – the pitchfork on the ground is the best. 😀

    And the Puddin-Tramp combo is totally delightful, as ever. Some day, Brian, I hope you’re able to stick that pitchfork in something flabby. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

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  2. That last image frightened me so badly I screamed. Loudly. The dogs are now concerned and pacing around, seeming to ask “Has she really lost it this time?” The abandoned pitchfork is amusing and I have a weak caption/thought for the original
    She (Farm wife extra ordinare) “Has he GOT THE BUG??! How long til I can move the six required feet without him chasing after me and trying to get busy again? Oh the humanity!!”

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  3. We probably don´t agree on politics and that is more than fine, you had me laughing at 5.46 a.m Spanish time. Apreciate your writing, always good to have a morning laugh before the day goes to hell. Just life. Again, appreciate it.

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    • As for the link , I spend WAY too much time on the internet. To the point where, now, every time I try to add another bookmark to my trove, Google pops up with an alert that I might need to seek professional help… 😉

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