Campfire Songs: A Video Trinity of Things That Might Help Us Get Through It All, If Only for a Moment


I’ve had a swell time reviewing and exploring the many topics that folks have shared in the Campfire Songs series, a meandering project we have going on at Bonnywood, hoping to provide a bit of distraction and support as we deal with this viral vertigo. (If you would like to know more about said project, you can click here.)

Everyone who is participating has done a terrific job, and I really appreciate the efforts. So much so, that I thought I should spotlight some of the individual contributions, a showcase of sorts. The delightful Christi at “Feeding on Folly” submitted videos in three separate campfires. Each of them is terrific on their own but, when taken as a whole, the trio evokes a positive spirit that is on the verge of ebbing. (Christi may or may not have planned it this way. She is stuffed with brilliance and creativity, so it wouldn’t surprise me.)

I was originally going to create a clever, at least in my mind, narrative that would encapsulate the videos in an overall story. But no, these videos really speak for themselves, so I’ll just let them do it, with just a wisp of intro from me.

First up, we have Andrea Gibson doing her piece “Boomerang Valentine”. To me, it’s what I would call “spoken word poetry”, but I’m no longer hip and there’s probably a different term for such these days. And to be fair, Andrea has a lot of words to speak. But don’t let it overwhelm you. There’s a beautiful, validating build to those words.



Next up, we have Daniel and Ashley doing a cover of Pink Martini’s “Hang On Little Tomato”. I’ve never heard the original, but it’s not a prerequisite. And the first part of the video might be a little off-putting if you are not a musician or a musician-appreciator (perhaps wondering, as I did, what the hell that breathing-apparatus instrument was all about), but stick with it. As Christi shared, “just listen for her voice”. It’s exquisite. And the words just happen to be a great companion to Andrea’s words in the previous video.



Finally, we just go for the pure comedy. In this video, Ylvis (“a Norwegian comedy duo consisting of brothers Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker”, according to Wikipedia) unleashes a romp based on, of all things, Stonehenge. It’s equal parts silly and clever, a combination I often aim for here at Bonnywood, despite my fumblings and failings.



And there you have it.

Hope and harmony and humor.

We need these things.

Right here. Right now. (If you’ll excuse the Jesus Jones reference.)

We need them desperately.

Please make sure that you and yours have distraction and support and love.

Be safe. Be kind. Be the boomerang.



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  1. I figured out the Boomerang Valentine thing and it is the root of my Zen. It took me until my 50s but better late than never. I still call it Spoken Word too🤷🏼‍♀️ awesome piece.

    That jazzy 2nd song made me think of the old movies and nightclub scenes… fantastic!!

    What IS the deal with Stonehenge? 😂 ya know, according to Anne Rice, it was the Taltos that built it😉

    Thank you for sharing these and thank you to Christi for bringing them to your attention. 💫💃🏼💌

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    • We do have to wonder, or at least I do, how different our life arcs would be if we had just heard the Boomerang words when we were 18.

      That’s exactly how I felt about the “Tomato” video. Old movies, nightclubs, big-ass dreams…

      Sometimes I think Anne Rice has ALL the answers. We just have to figure out what the questions might be… 😉

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