The Corona Chronology: Day 1

As news broke that the city was being placed on lock-down because people breathe too much in public places, some folks did not quite understand the full impact of the directive. As shown in this photo taken at the Wankerbonker Club for Extremely White People, the seriousness of the situation was the last thing on their inebriated minds. All they knew was that they weren’t required to report for work in the morning, and the joy of not having to deal with annoying and worthless co-workers was plenty of reason to celebrate.

Only two people seem on the verge of comprehending reality. In the lower right, Hobart Gore, distant relative of Albert, has just made the connection that “not working” means “no income”. And in the far background, right, Clarence Cleaver, distant relative of the Beaver, is stealing the supply-room key. Whilst the others guzzle, he plans to smuggle out all of the toilet paper, most of the cocktail peanuts, and any remaining bottles of gin.

Some people are always ahead of the curve, some people are always behind it…


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    • I always have the ingredients on hand, even if it means I can’t pay all of my bills on time. I have priorities. And thanks for taking the time to make a comment. Welcome to Bonnywood!


  1. I happened across a probably forgotten film – it wasn’t really really good (IMHO), entitled “Lady Burlesque” and was about a murderer who targeted strippers (koff koff AHEM BURLESQUE queens in the 1940s koff koff), when a girl taking off her gloves and hat in public constituted some vulgarity apparently. It struck me, with a large dose of sadness, that people gathering like that (in a far more innocent time granted) in groups is probably over with. 😦 At the least future gatherings of more than one will probably require a blood test, a sturdy PF 500+ mask and gloves, and maybe a haz mat suit. It’s a really sad old world, made more grim by the silence. In my opinion any way.

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    • I haven’t actually seen “Lady Burlesque”, so naturally I am going to seek it out immediately, if only for assurance that I can properly answer any trivia questions should they arise. But speaking of a rising, sure, things will most likely be different, post-Corona. But they should have been different to begin with, and we have lessons to learn. Well some of us. It’s a difficult task, trying to enlighten the willfully ignorant…


      • I suspect you’ll enjoy it because it features one of the very earliest roles that Barbara Stanwyck played. I never had any idea she was brunette IRL. O_o I also learned why she was a great actress, because, although she did sing in the film, it wasn’t her finest hour. And she said (tongue in cheek) that she realized her **ahem** upper attributes weren’t why the men came to see her strip (in the film), but her legs were. She had fine legs indeed.

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