The Corona Chronology: Day 7

Proving that neither he nor his administration has the tiniest grasp on the severity of the situation, Trump once again holds his daily status update/political rally concerning the corona virus, with nobody on the stage practicing social-distancing, whatsoever. One of the topics in said daily attempts to praise himself instead of act like a president? Social-distancing.

A second topic? He wants to “re-open the economy” and send people back to work, like, yesterday. Of course he does. Not because he’s actually concerned about the livelihoods, or lives, of the common citizen, but because his poll numbers are falling and the talking heads at Fox News have a serious woody about resuscitating their stock portfolios. (Instead of trying to “flatten the curve”, which should be the focus of everyone right now.)

No surprise, though. Anyone with even a whiff of intelligence knows that Trump takes his cues from Fox with the intensity of a rabid beaver building a dam in a raging river of ineptitude. In the end, nobody wins when the supposed leader of the free world prostrates himself before the Altar of Spin and Spite and Spurious Speculation. Nobody.

A third topic? Does it really matter? Nothing that comes out of Trump’s mouth can be trusted, now or at any point, ever. Nothing. He is a case-study example of unregulated narcissism and absolute amorality. It’s repulsive. Yet there’s still a sizeable chunk of Americans who hang onto every one of his words like their lives depended on it. And sadly, their lives really do. Not that he gives a damn.

Yes, this is a heavy post.

Yes, I know that some of you only visit Bonnywood for the funny.

I just don’t have the funny in me, today.

But I still have a voice, and I will use it. Unlike so many in the Trump administration who know better but remain silent, whether it be about Corona or Conscience or Country. Trump himself is a lost cause, because he wouldn’t know human decency if it grabbed him by the pushy. But his coterie of cohorts should be held accountable.

Remember in November.



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  1. Not my fault, the (D) Governors didn’t do enough, WHO didn’t tell me, it’s CHEEINUS fault, Its Obamas fault, its Bidens fault, its the biased socialist medias fault- they wanna have more and more of this Socialist Dictum- oops, nah, sorry thats we NEED more social distancing, sorry I missread the autocue- no, whoever set up that autocue, its his/her fault—Fire ‘EM. This idea, my idea social distancing thats a good, a great, you won’t BELIEVE what a good idea of that it is, so when I open up the ‘conomy- could be Easter- oh, thats gone?- well, when I do- and I will, I can, me, its me who’ll lead the greatest- GreatesT- recovery ever. I see Doctor Faucci wants to say something about this but I can tell you all you need to know, so back in your place, Doc, and let a man with a bit of expertise in a tanning booth and a with a boatload of chloroquine I need to to offloa- dispense to the patients who are on the forefront of having the GREATEST fatalities in the world. Number one!- but look at how many have recovered thanks to the mighty efforts and toil of so many great ‘Mericans, led by a Great Pres… etc etc ad frikkin’ nauseum.

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  2. I’m afraid that even if we DO vote against him in November (like we did 4 years ago) that we’ll be taking our cues from one of Ben’s favorite movies (and mine) “V for Vendetta”.

    To paraphrase
    Remember, remember to vote in November…

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      • The movie is about a totalitarian corrupt government and one man’s “Vendetta” sparked revolution against it. It’s eerily similar to what is happening now. It’s a good movie. I recommend it.

        The “Remember, remember” is about Bonfire Day in UK.
        Remember, remember the 5th of November
        The gunpowder treason and plot
        I can think of no reason why the gunpowder treason
        Should ever be forgot

        It has to do with Guy Fawkes in the 1600s
        More info than you probably wanted🤪🙄😂😂

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  3. There now. You got it out and don’t you feel better for having done so? The idiocy of our alleged ‘leader’ (#NEVERmypresident) is underscored by his handling of this crisis. As many of us knew already, he’s fumbled the ball in the touchdown zone and has lost us the ‘big game’. I agree fully with what you’ve written. Those who can’t take one more ‘heavy’ post have their heads in the sand and their asses stuck right out there. The better for this current administration to violate them.

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    • I DO feel better after these little thought-purges. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get some of these folks sitting on the fence to finally make a decision to join with the good rather than the bad. After all, it’s those folks in the middle who determine the outcome of elections…


  4. Hey Big B!
    Up here where we live in igloos year round we have a leader who believes social distancing is import because people, ‘speak moistley’. Please feel free to laugh at our expense.

    For the record, in my opinion, from my experience with Americans, the greatness of America lies not with its leaders or constitution, but with ‘We the People’. And yes there are many people that are only good for using as ‘whack-a-mole’ targets. But there are many more who show courage in the face of stupidity. Who ignore the daily news cycle and ‘Do the right thing’. Find the good in your world, share that with your readers. The true inspiration I get from Bonnywood comes from the unique insight, the angle that you shed the light on the craziness of the world. Love you all, stay safe and wash your hands like you are washing Jason Mamoa.

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    • Whilst I truly appreciate all of your words (you hit it spot on with how things eventually swing toward sanity based on the decent actions of common folk), the Jason imagery in the last line has me completely infatuated…


  5. Recently he tweeted that he can overrule governors on social distancing — meaning he truly is a tyrant. Not that any of his followers will see it that way.
    Remember in November, indeed.
    Preach it, brother.

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  6. I never discuss politics but it did occur to me that if I was a reporter (of fake news), it would be difficult for me to refrain from laughing my eyes out…have a torrent of abuse slung at me…get banned…and say (upon being escorted out)…bless your heart.

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    • That’s an interesting angle. How IS it that those fake news reporters keep a straight face when unleashing their twisted propaganda? I would be fired from that job within 15 seconds, unable to stop my own eyes from rolling…

      (Love the “bless your heart” at the end.)

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      • I don’t know how they keep a straight face. I don’t think I’d last even the 15 seconds.
        Okay…I’m going to go inject myself with Lysol….no wait. I don’t have any. I guess I’ll just drink a bottle of hand sanitizer. Ya know…it’s “beautiful.” Bwahahahaha!

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  7. Such a contrast I see when I compare the daily updates from the leaders of Canada and USA. I doubt many Americans see the Canadian update unfortunately. In Canada the journalists are answered by the prime minister not attacked. The political parties have set aside politics to support the government.

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    • And once again, Canada is quietly showing the rest of the world how to get things done with as minimal fuss as possible. Of course, the Far-Right is unable to process anything without a target to whine about or hate, so the Northern Methodology may never work here…

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  8. Interesting read & perspective. Sometimes you just have to speak your mind & say the things people are afraid to say. Sadly, today’s leaders only think of themselves and certainly don’t put the welfare of their people first. The world is suffering right now with a gross lack of leadership. I just wish some leaders would step up to the plate in times of crisis – there are a lot more things more important than the economy or money. Check out one of my recent posts on the issue https://mayet8.wordpress.com/2020/04/12/from-where-i-stand/ . I would love to hear your thoughts. Stay safe man


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