The Corona Chronology: Day 8

After far too many days of enforced and boring seclusion, Irene was desperate for entertainment. In a moment of weakness and low-expectations, she decided it would be terrific fun to hide the family cat in a place where no one expected the cat to be, and then wait for things to play out.

Then Irene remembered that there was no one else in the house, so she might be waiting a while.

Then she also remembered that they didn’t have a family cat, further complicating matters.

What precisely, pondered pensive Irene, did she have strapped to the back of her head?


To be continued…

And by “continued”, I mean “continued in the comments”, as it would be really swell if some of you would jump in and proffer a gloriously gonzo suggestion as to what, pray tell, is in that bun. To stir the pot, the most creative answers will be featured in an upcoming Corona Chronology post that may or may not ever be written. Cheers!


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  1. Irene drummed her fingers on the table as she considered what to do next. Gingerly, she felt around back there. It seemed that her hair had merged with a saguaro cactus.

    The humidity had been really bad for the last few days but my, this was ridiculous. She tried running her fingers through it but realized that this exercise was much too loud and besides, she might never find her fingers again. Then, a solution dawned on her! She had the prefect hiding place for the cat!

    Moral of the story: remember that in love, as in life, if you suffer from loud, prickly hair, there’s always a cat.

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    • What a lovely continuation, complete with a nod to nature and a moral at the close. And for the next installment in our serial, we can focus on the wispy end of a cattail that seems to be descending from the hairline…

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  2. Irene, in her younger half-braided days, had always had the idea she would some day take that final step towards crazy-cat-ladyness.
    The fact that she and her pet cat were now inseparable was fantastic. The fact Soft Kitty was a clingy cat worried her not a jot. Soft Kitty being a bit of a head-case merely brought out her crazy-cat-lady maternal instincts. The fact Soft Kitty was a LaPerm was stunningly serendipitous. (She might look chic, but irene could feel one of her migraines coming on.)

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    • In a sudden development, most likely influenced by Irene’s now-unnatural center of balance, she tumbled down the stairs into a dark and musty basement. Luckly, Soft Kitty LaPerm managed to keep both of them from concussion because, well, she was soft. She was now trapped ‘neath the noggin of her mistress, but still soft…

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  3. Descended from an ancient race of female aliens who had come to Earth in search of men, Irene had adopted the traditional big hair camouflage (a la their original queen Nefertiti) to hide her massive brain.

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    • This is soooooo good –
      BUT, if she has such a big brain why the heck does she want a man!!! (Yes, I know there is some sort of physical thing that perhaps requires men, but speaking from widowhood experience – when you don’t have it you don’t miss it).

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    • First, kudos to wd for working in the Egyptian reference. I was hoping someone would use the dramatic eyeliner as a story trigger…

      Second, I can attest that the Big-Hair Camouflage would work splendidly here in Texas, as most of the citizens wouldn’t think twice about a ginormous bouffant walking the streets. Then again, most of those citizens don’t do much thinking to begin with. (But they might raise an eyebrow about the probing, although perhaps not, if they happen to be lonely on a Saturday night.)

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      • I have been to a hairdresser. I just usually grow my hair down to my waist, whack it off and start over.
        “POS” never went to the barber. I was his hair cutter for more than thirty years until I put the scissors down and said “I’m never cutting your hair again.” (I could only take so much abuse.)
        Now he has a gnarly, grey pony-tail down his back. LOLOL

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    • Well, as we learned in that movie, the best way to save yourself from the alien is to strip down to your panties for no apparent reason in the last few minutes of the film…


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