The Corona Chronology: Day 11

Rita: “And right over there is the man I told you about, Little Johnny. He’s the one who did nothing for a long time and lots of people got sick.”

Little Johnny: “He’s stinky, Momma.”

Rita: “That’s right. Do you remember what else we talked about? What’s one of the things you should never do if you’re a good person?”

Little Johnny: “Grab things that don’t belong to you.”

Rita: “Good! And what else?”

Little Johnny: “Make up stuff that isn’t true.”

Rita: “You’re doing a great job at remembering. And what should a president never do?”

Little Johnny: “Make America Hate Again.”

Rita: “Wonderful! Keep going.”

Little Johnny: “Don’t give lies to sheep. Don’t hire stupid people for jobs they don’t know. Don’t hurt people who are already hurted. Don’t listen to news from foxes. Don’t make children hungry. Don’t be mean to reporters. Don’t make fun of special people. Never, ever lie. And don’t be a… can I say a bad word, Momma?”

Rita: “Maybe just this one time.”

Little Johnny: “Don’t be a asshole.”

Rita: “Oh my! Well, you do have a very good point. Still, let’s save that word for special times and always ask me first. But I’m so proud of you for studying your lessons.”

Little Johnny: “Thanks, Momma. But Momma, why are there orange people who do all the don’ts?”

Rita: “I wish I had an answer for that, but I haven’t found one. Maybe some people are just so unhappy that they can’t stand it if somebody else is. Maybe some people were raised wrong and they never knew right. Or maybe some people just don’t care about anyone else but themselves. But none of that makes it okay to let people suffer and suddenly families are smaller and Christmas is quieter.”

Little Johnny: “Oh, I just remembered another don’t! Don’t forget that you can be fired.”

Rita: “Good job, honey. Say, maybe we should head home and bake a pie. Does that sound fun?”

Little Johnny: “Sure. But I don’t think I want a pumpkin one.”




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  1. I keep wondering how 45 was raised. What happened (or didn’t happen) in his early life that makes him incapable of accepting responsibility for what he does and and says? And the whole projection (calling others out for exactly the same behaviors) is simply too much. Absolutely no self-awareness. Or empathy. Or…. Don’t get me started.

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    • Oh, please start. I am more than happy to hear anything you might wish to share.

      I can understand how a troubled childhood can cause complications, trust. I also understand how you can rise above it, but some people never choose to do so…

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  2. Before this whole pandemic began, i thought orange shithead couldn’t be worse or more disgusting, but he IS! Every. single. day. The lies and self praise are completely insane. And that propaganda video. I will remember in November! How could any of us forget!

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    • That video, and the press conference/political rally where he shared it, were just stunning in how terrible things have become. This is the twilight zone on steroids.

      P.S. I just took a gander at your blog, and it looks like you’re still setting things up. I hope you keep working on it, as we need more voices like yours. And thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


  3. I always get choked up during these tender family moments. Little Johnny is so fortunate to have such a wise mother who knows it’s never too early to start a child’s education.

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