The Corona Chronology: Day 20

The Housewives of Self-Centered City react to the horrifying news that hair salons are still not considered essential services and will remain closed for at least two more weeks. Later that afternoon, they slip out of their houses (wearing hats, of course, but no masks) and join a social-converging protest at the state capitol, demanding that the government stop the brutal concentration-camp restrictions.

Meanwhile, Anne Frank and her family hid in an attic for two years. They had no access to services, essential or otherwise. And then they learned the real meaning of concentration camps.

Perspective. Have a slice today!



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  1. I wonder who wins in the idjit sign photos??
    The haircut lady?
    The dude is basically HazMat with “COVID is a lie”?
    Or the “our bodies, our choice” people who wouldn’t know irony if they got smacked in the face with one.


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  2. Brian, excellent post. This virus has done a very efficient job of accentuating the dimwitted and the selfish, starting with Ding Dong Donnie and his electric skin coat. I think he should set an example for all these “freedom protesters” and drink a Purell-flavoured milkshake.

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  3. Throw off the shackles of rational thought, toss aside the empathy, take back the alleyways, bowl up to a barbers, get a perm, get a tat, get the state back working, get those takeouts, get those flagging hospital admission numbers up. ‘You can take away our impatience, but you’ll never take away our ignorance!’

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  4. Uh…:* I’m one of those ‘housewives’ apparently. O_o Because my hair, left to its own devices, makes me look strikingly like Christopher Lloyd in “Back to the Future”. That ain’t good for NOBODY! 😆 Maybe ‘they’ (the powers that be) should consider the haircut (I’m not even asking for a style NOR color to be applied) a compassionate service for those who make small children weep and dogs tuck their tails and run the other way, yelping. I don’t go out, so the above mentioned has only occurred a couple of times, but I am getting mortally tired of being called “Sir”, “Mister” and “Fella”. It’s only considerate that I get MY DAMNED HAIR CUT. NOW!! You did an excellent job of reminding us all that we still have it damned good, far better than Anne Frank, who hid for her life. Hair is trivial, until the world dwindles down and folks start focusing on what they were used to and no longer have. I bet the Franks did the same. Great post Brian!! Your little grey cells do you proud!!

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    • In my case, my hair grows OUT instead of down, as it’s very thick and easily gets unruly, making me look like a dark dandelion bopping around the neighborhood. So if my ‘do attains any length, I have to use massive amounts of industrial hair gel to keep it somewhat under control, hoping that renegade follicles don’t break free from the barrier and poke someone’s eye out…


  5. I cannot over express my delight with this tautly wonderful post. I am sharing it forthwith to FaceBook whence people can douse themselves in your brilliance and either nod their heads vehemently or hang their heads in shame. I am hopeful that I am not fraternising even in that place with any of the latter but …. one can never really know a person til a pandemic clips their wings, no? Bravo M’sieur. Je l’adore!!! 👏

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