The Corona Chronology: Day 25

Howdy Folks,

How y’all doin’? Still holin’ up at the homestead and coverin’ your piehole until you can’t hole any more and gotta run to the feed store? Good, good. Listen, I got me an idea for a blog post thingy and I wanted to run it by ya. This idea wasn’t all mine, have ta say, but it’s still a good un. Not like that bad idea I had ‘bout shoein’ horses with a staple gun. Didn’t work out too well and the horse kicked me. Rightly so, I reckon.

Anyway, I was on the Internets, checkin’ out some post thingies from my gal buddy Angie, over to her website. And one of them posts had a picture of her wearin’ one a them masks we should be wearin’ now that the Covid done mucked things up. And I gotta say, I really took a shine to that picture. She looked fierce and strong, but with a softness, too, mebbe around the eyes, don’t really know but it was there. And I thought, dang, that really caught her spirit. Her life ain’t been full of roses, so she learnt to be strong, but she got a big ole heart, all the same. And it was all right there.

So, I got ta thinkin’. What if I wrote me a post thingy, askin’ all my bloggin’ friends to share a picture a them all trussed up in a mask? I know, kinda corny, but kinda fun, too. This Covid thing, it done got us all out a whack. Things ain’t right. Like seein’ people wearin’ masks. Unsettlin’, it is. But mebbe we take it back. Mebbe we own it and run with it make it normal for now til normal comes ‘round again. Make it okay, take some a the sting out a the Covid bite.

Now, I know some a you are thinkin’, hell no, I ain’t gonna share my mug with a mask. And I get that, I do. I never been real happy about my own mug shots, cuz the camera don’t like me much, it just don’t. And I know some a you ain’t real keen on them masks in the first place, and I get that, too. We all got reasons and it ain’t my place to be judge or jury, even if I do try ever once in a while when I get riled up.

But think on this a bit. Even if you ain’t comfortable with how you might look, you can use that there mask to hide most a the parts you don’t want seen. And really, ain’t we all been wearin’ masks in one way to the other, long before Covid done showed up? Cuz it’s human nature to hide and not show. But these are different times, tryin’ times. We gotta help each other out. We gotta own it and gotta be fierce and we gotta be strong and we gotta make it soft around the eyes.

So, if you have the gumption and the spirit, slap a picture down there in the comments. Or hell, make a post thingy of your own. Make it fun. Make it happy. Make it ours. Stand together. Because divided, we crawl.

I’ll kick it off with me and Partner. (That’s him on the left.) I’ll give ya this, there ain’t much ta love with my mug, all squinty-eyed and jug-eared. (Them masks do a number on old ears, gotta say.) But we were all excited and such in this photo, cuz we just got them in the mail from our friend Sally in Midland. She hand made em and shipped em off, cuz that’s just how she is, love that gal. Course, everywhere we show up in them masks, folks are lookin’ around, tryin’ to find the train we plannin’ to rob, but it’s all good in the end.

And it will be. We just have to get through.

Your turn.



Note: The twang in this post was inspired by my sister buddy, Melanie. We was havin’ a comment conversation and babblin’ about how, once you start playin’ with a accent, ‘specially if it’s a real one from your upbringin’, it kinda sticks to ya, like cow-pies in a pasture. So, in a way, this bit was written by four people, me and Angie and Sally and Melanie. I just did the typin’. That feels right and good, and mebbe that’s how post thingies really should be…


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  1. Tried unsuccessfully to post a photo (techno-dinosaur) so, in the spirit of y’all’s post, imagine an aging Butch Cassidy about to rob the Rocky Mountain Express when he discovers nothing goes by rail anymore except wheat, coal and organic fertilizer. cheers

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  2. That’s a mighty good look, partner.
    Count me among the many who don’t know how to include a picture with a comment — I did it once upon a time, but my memory isn’t all it used to be. Anyhoo, I’ll see about doing a post with a picture later in the week. Deal?

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    • I suppose I could have added a wee instructional on the how-tos and wherefores. Actually, I suppose it’s time for another blog post with handy blogging tips. So, let’s make a deal. If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine…

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