The Corona Chronology: Day 27

Once upon a time, in the land of Pandemic Trumpmerica, members of the Association of Republican Governors with No Soul had a meeting. The topic? How to re-open their states in the quickest way possible in order to maybe, possibly get a quick pat on the head from Big Daddy Trump. After all, the main objective of the Republican Party at that time was to do what’s best for Lord Jesus Trump and not what’s good for the country. The meeting went something like this…

They threw out any documentation that involved science in any way, because science was invented by the Democrats and cannot be trusted. (The Earth is flat, I tell you. Flat!) They tossed aside urgent recommendations from actual health experts which outlined the best time to re-open, because those recommendations did not fit the timeline that clueless Big Daddy was spouting in his vapid, oxygen-deprived Twitter feed. (Never trust doctors or smart people!) They didn’t even bother to read any think-piece on the morality of the situation, because morals don’t get you a pat on the head from Big Daddy Dump. (It’s all about me, not about you.)

Eventually and rather quickly, the governors defiantly decided to roll their moral-less marbles and throw open the doors, never understanding or caring that those marbles affected lives and livelihoods. Some of those governors were reelected. Some of them were not. Some hospitals exceeded capacity. Some did not. Some cemeteries ran out of final resting spaces. Some did not. Some people claimed victory, but in the end, nobody won. Because rolling marbles for lives is never a good game.

This parable has been sent to you from the future. Because the writer had the good sense to keep his ass at home until science and health experts and morality agreed that it was okay to open the door. It’s not about me, it’s about everybody.



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  1. 🙌👏🙌😷 I am so happy to live in a state with a Governor with a brain and a sensible plan.

    I was a hermit before the Corona and I’ll continue to be a hermit until the people smarter than I am, the science people with all the letters after their names, give the all clear.

    Because at Casa Cuckoo, we care about our neighbors, even the ones we don’t know❣

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    • Oh, I’m a hermit as well, so perhaps the lockdown has been easier for me. But still, at the end of the day, why would anyone who cares about their fellow men and women insist on rushing out and doing things that are absolutely unimportant in the scheme of things. Sure, people need to work and earn an income, if possible. But a haircut or a trip to the beach or a bar crawl? No. Keep your ass at home until the “all clear”.

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  2. There’s a lot of controversy here around re-opening and how it should look. But we have places where case numbers have been low and are now recovered. It seems that re-opening in US might be premature. I agree that you should stay home. I am, and we haven’t had a case in two weeks. I keep thinking about round 2 and when that might start. But question: is Jared Kushner a real boy? I saw him on a CNN doc today and he looked like Trump may have found him in a mannequin store. 😉

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    • They’ve sort of opened here (I think, I NEVER willingly watch what passes for the news any longer). I see certain restaurants and a few businesses with their doors flung wide. The restaurant is jammed all the time and the prudent individual or one at high risk is still dialing for take out, if they wish to eat there. But you could go in if you wanted. I kinda like it. Lifted a bit of the prison camp gloom that was hanging over this whole area, which has not had any significant problem that I know of. It comes down to common sense on everyone’s part, but most especially the individual (IMHO). If one is at high risk, well heck. Stay at home away from the potential problem. Our governor is one of the ass kissers. So I’m not greatly surprised that things have opened up.

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      • I see the wisdom in having some things open, esp at this time of year, but my concern is more about round 2. If things are ”too open” and people get into more of a pre-virus mindset, the second wave could be devastating.

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    • I think one of the things that’s bothering me the most about the re-openings are the leaders claiming they are “following the guidelines of health experts” when making the decision when, in fact, they are not. For instance, one of the guidelines is that you should have two weeks of decreasing “new” reports. Texas Governor Abbott is opening things up left and right, but the Texas numbers are still climbing dramatically, and for the last five consecutive days, Dallas County has seen its highest “new” totals so far.

      I’m also concerned that low-impact states are only that way because many of the high-impact states were quick to lock down. What’s going to happen when everybody is out running around again? Of course, it’s my nature to worry about things, so we’ll see…

      And yes, Jared Kushner looks like a blowup toy for pedophiles…

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  3. ” Some people claimed victory, but in the end, nobody won. Because rolling marbles for lives is never a good game.”

    Indeed it is so!!! If you don’t get an award for this piece of writing, it’s because Big Daddy saw it before the panel had a chance to. I hereby nominate it for a Pulitzer for Non-fiction.
    I so wish I could!!

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  4. I’m glad at least one ass was saved in the writing of this article!

    You’re first person I’ve read, to include morality in the decision making process for reopening.

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  5. Now I did espy something really odd in yon hoisted image for our benefit. There are WIMMEN (well girls) in that shot. I know, having the sad misfortune to live in a state that embraces the whole kiss Trump’s ass while the world goes to hell ideology; that wimmen aren’t allowed to participate in any such ‘meetings’ because wimmen are good for breedin’ and stayin’ at home raising the thirteen chilluns that the MAN has begatted her with. Seed sewin’ and all. Wimmen ain’t even allowed to watch such proceedings, because what if one of the XXers had an IDEA and opened her mouth? The world might truly end. I will say that in my youth I was as good as my male counterparts (and siblings) at hitting a marble square on and knocking it out of that crudely drawn dirt circle. Showed them.

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    • Good catch and point. In fact, I briefly paused before using this photo, initially thinking “wait, there aren’t any female Republican governors”, a mind hiccup that quickly resolved itself. Of course there are, and there have been, with one of the current ones being Kay Ivey of Alabama. She’s done some wretched things since taking office, so how I managed to temporarily forget her is beyond me. But despite this outward appearance of “progress”, I can’t think of a single one of them that has been progressive.

      I don’t remember ever actually playing marbles as a wee bairn. But I do remember collecting them, as some of them can be quite fetching and pretty. I wonder what happened to them? Hmm.


  6. I really feel for your concerns, Brian. To me, reopening like that just seems so cavalier. In NWT where I work, there have been 5 cases, and all of them were listed as recovered a couple of weeks ago. Nothing since. There’s talk of keeping the boundary to neighbouring provinces closed while loosening up inside, but I keep thinking, can we keep doing that until there’s a vaccine, if there’s a vaccine? There’s still no vaccine for AIDS …

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    • You hit an excellent point with “no vaccine for AIDS”. I’ve wanted to holler that from the rooftops. This is not something that’s going to go away easily with sunlight, despite the crossed fingers of leaders who should be planning for worse. I guess I just don’t understand how some folks are not taking this seriously. Then again, I have lingering memories from the height of the AIDS epidemic, when so many in my community suffered and no one was listening, or so it seemed…

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      • Yes, they should be planning for worse. I was in a gov’t meeting this morning where that was discussed and contingency planning for a summer round 2 or a fall round 2 is coming together. It’s not going to go away easily. And yes, your point about the no-listeners is well made.

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  7. I think you captured their decision making skills perfectly. I’m glad to live in a state with a sane governor, as well as work at a place that’s being extra cautious. Like you said, it’s not about me! (Why is that so hard to understand?)

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    • And I think you’ll agree that this lack of empathy is a newer development in our life cycles. I can remember the time when, despite political differences, if things hit the fan on a basic human level, folks put those differences aside and we did what we had to do. Sure, afterwards, we might go right back to the quibbles, but that was less important and it could wait. Am I rose-coloring this? I really don’t know anymore…

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      • I don’t think it’s rose-colored. Being an AZ gal, I know something of Goldwater’s ability to work with Democrats and he was a huge advocate for American Indians. You really don’t hear things like that anymore. Everything is divided on party lines, it seems, and compromise is the enemy.

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