Animated Behavior and Animal Control

Hey, Folks.

As some of you may have also done, I waited until the last minute to try out the new “Block Editor” on WordPress that may or may not be forced upon us (there seems to be some disagreement on this angle). Additionally, as some of you are also doing, contemplating a change in blog-post formatting has me wondering about revising the whole look of the blog. This may or may not happen, as I tinker and poke and prod this new animal named Block. Time will tell.

So, this post is going to be very short. I’m simply going to share a video created by Lilly Singh, who is apparently a very big deal on the Internets. (15 million followers on YouTube. What?) I think the video is hysterical, although some may find it offensively stereotypical. I don’t take it that way, as the depiction of the Indian family in the video hits home with my own upbringing in an Italian family. In that sense, exaggerated bickering is a universal form of expression.

I should note, as a fair and just blogger (at least in my own mind) that I originally ran across this video on the “Confessions of a Married Mom” blog here on WordPress. Said site is a newer one, so if you have the time, maybe you can hop over there for a minute and check things out. We all remember what it’s like to be a new blogger, waiting for the guests to arrive.

I should also mention that I am currently composing this piece in Microsoft Word, which has been my modus operandi for years, and then I will attempt to paste it in WordPress, the second part of my modus. We’ll see what the New Kid on the Block has to say about my efforts.

If the train doesn’t derail and things function as I hope, you should see the video immediately following this paragraph. As parting words, I should point out the Lilly Singh plays all the characters in the video, with the sole exception of the disappointed doorbell-ringer. Rather impressive. Enjoy.




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  1. At first I was resistant to the change, but now I find the block editor pretty all right, since I can choose a ‘Classic’ block whenever I need something done the old school way. Anyway, hope it grows on you too!

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    • And I may end up loving the the new editor as well but, at this point, it hasn’t been forced upon me yet, and this post was actually done old-school, much to my surprise. We’ll see. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to make a comment…


  2. I’ve been doing the blocks for a few day? A few weeks? My whole life? Who even knows with time all jacked up🤷🏼‍♀️

    I’m getting the hang of it. I write directly into a draft. I would suggest pressing that little cloud often. Autosave isn’t as fast.

    I love the video! She’s hysterical!😂

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    • Despite my mild ranting, I haven’t been forced to change anything yet. I suppose I should try it out just for the hell of it, but until they MAKE me move, I’m content with where I’m sitting on the blogging couch…

      The video kills me. And makes me pine a bit for the days when I was involved in the theater. Crazy times, they were…

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    • Actually, I haven’t figured out the blocks, as I didn’t experience anything different when I slapped together this post. Unless the changes WERE there and I didn’t have a clue, which wouldn’t be the first time…

      “You get bit by a hurricane?” Not yet, stay tuned…


  3. I am afraid of the block editor and am clinging to the old editor for as long as I can. The new editor hasn’t had a lot of rave reviews from what I can tell on social media.

    As for the video, hilarious! “Is this how we raised you?” Bahaha! I’ve heard that one before.

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    • I’m still clinging as well, stardate June 9th. I haven’t received any prodding from WordPress that I must accept the new mission, so I’m carrying on as I always have. Maybe WordPress has been inundated with dissatisfied reports and they aren’t forcing the issue? Time will tell…

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