Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #68

This fashion accessory was all the rage in the upper ranks of Parisian Society, and everyone who was anyone just had to have one or they would be shunned forever. Fifteen minutes later, someone pointed out that you couldn’t drink wine whilst wearing such a thing. The Beaky Babes craze instantly fizzled out, with the plastic cones thrown in the gutters of city streets. The designer, Pepe Le Pouffe, eventually died of shame in the Canary Islands…


Previously published. No changes made. (It’s been a lazy day…)

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  1. Clearly I’m not the only one confused by this picture, as well as deeply concerned about the mental state for every person involved in it. I hope you’re able to provide some answers? In particular, did they receive help?

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  2. So it were the French that made it cool now to weare freaky masks…. I knew the fashion idustry is also complicit on us wearing masks as a normality, I actually feel weird if I go out without a mask, only the French had to predict this…. although those are very weird mouth pieces

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    • I don’t know if “cool” is the right word, or how invested the French might be, but yep, the masks are freaky. I could get into wearing one for about 15 minutes, then I’d be done and on to the next whatever…


      • You know that the WHO (World Helath Organization) have said puclicly now, a bit late I think, that the masks don´t really help to prevent anything at this point. Yes, the gurus of the U.N finally said it

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        • It appears that we might be getting our news from different sources. Yes, there was one renegade official with a negative view of mask-wearing, but it was quickly quashed by the overall organization. In the end, though, it doesn’t seem to matter. Some people will do whatever they can to protect the folks around them, and others will have a different take on things. That’s how life works….

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