Flash Fiction

Almost Wordless Wednesday – #17


The image before you

Is not what it seems

No filters were used

Except in my dreams


The sun was involved

In an interesting way

But this wispy clue

Might lead you astray


Think hard before answering

If participation you choose

Some will throw this lark away

Others simply cannot refuse


Give it a run

See what you think

If you land on the mark

I’ll toast you, in drink




Note: I cobbled this mess together in roughly five minutes, so let’s be gentle with the artistic critique.

What’s that? Another clue? Well, several of the words I used have alternate meanings and one, in particular, is pivotal. And there’s an action described that can also help you along. In the end, though, this one might be a little tough, unless you happen to own one of theses things yourself…


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  1. I’ve owned several of those, and while all people around me managed to see, I always remained ignorant… Still do, it turns out. So I won’t give it a run… Sorry to disappoint.

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      • Fair point; I was talking about the picture at the top. Not what is in the picture, as I just see a blue-ish blur, but the picture itself. In The Netherlands these postcard size things are all the rage in the 1990s… But as I said, I never managed to draw out, what I was supposed to see in it.

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  2. Let’s assume you own a classic Lark (Studebaker) automobile. This then would be a photo of the dashboard vinyl being blasted by the hot TX sun through the windshield. haha – or something else entirely! I like your riddle, though. 🙂

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    • I just now finished responding to all the guesses, so there a now new hints sprinkled here and there in the comment thread.

      I think I’ll do the big reveal tomorrow, although I have a sense that some folks are going to be a little unimpressed… 😉

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