10 Flavors of Tea-Bagger Brand Tea

Note: This is another humorous post from the archives that, upon review, causes me to channel Neil Diamond and think “well, except for the names and a few other changes… the story’s the same one”. You’ll have to excuse the dated references, but the truth is still worth the telling. And for those of you in other countries who may not be familiar: The Tea Party is a far-right, uneducated, probably-inbred conglomeration of people who are pissed off about everything, especially the concept of equality. Get the picture? Here we go…

Stuck there standing in the conservative-beverage section of your local Wal-Mart, in a pickle about what refreshments to serve your extremist right-wing dinner guests later this evening? Well, we’ll skip over the head-scratching part about why you would allow such people into your home (we all have crosses to bear, yes?) and get right to the menu-planning. With these helpful tips, you should always have just the right liquid to shove at Ann Coulter so she will hopefully take a sip and stop babbling idiocy for a few minutes so you can run check on the pot roast…

1. Camo Meal Tea

It’s no secret that the tea baggers love to hunt things down and try to kill them. Part of this irksome activity includes the donning of camouflage gear, a type of apparel that the tea baggers find quite fetching. In fact, they love camouflage clothing so much that they often wear it during inappropriate activities, such as getting the newspaper off the front lawn or having sex.

It was once thought that tea baggers wore camouflage to support our military men and women, but since we now know that a tea bagger will vote for a politician who will cut veterans’ benefits faster than you or I can google “hypocrisy”, we’ll have to go with the Plan-B explanation. This is the one where the camouflage clothing is symbolic of the fact that the tea bagger has no identity or thought process of his own, and therefore he wears a fake camo uniform so he can blend in with other members of the herd as they are wrangled toward a voting booth.

In any case, Camo Meal Tea is packaged in a variety of designer boxes, where the camouflage color palettes vary so you can select the box the represents your favorite made-up war. True to the form of military spending traditions in America, each box of tea comes with fewer tea bags than advertised as being allotted, a tribute to the fact that a big chunk of our military budget money ends up in the hands of people who have nothing to do with the military. As an added bonus, the Camo Meal Tea boxes are designed to be inter-locking so you can eventually build your very own deer blind in the back yard.

2. Green Tea

Green Tea is very popular with tea baggers because the color of the box reminds them of money. Specifically, money that they don’t actually have (you’ve seen the clothes they wear at rallies, right?) but money that they think they should have, based on the mere fact that someone gave birth to them. The tea baggers are very adamant about this virtual money that has supposedly been ripped from their un-manicured hands. The tea baggers firmly believe that they would become instant millionaires if the Evil Government would just stop taxing them and then using that tax money to fund liberal programs that Jesus hates.

And then there’s the related money issue, where tea baggers at rallies love to holler nonsense and wave about misspelled signs, proclaiming that they “don’t take no money from other peoples’ pockets”. Really? Then I guess these people have never sent their children to public school, received treatment from a county hospital, had the need for police or fire services, or even driven on a public road. The money for that comes out of all our pockets, so don’t act like you don’t have a hand in my trousers, fondling my loose change. (The Tea Baggers love to rail against socialism, fervently so, completely ignorant of the fact that this country has essentially been socialist since Day One.)

3. Black Tea

This selection is only in the product line as a promotional attempt to attract a minority of a minority that might possibly vote for a Republican during a temporary loss of sanity. The box is actually empty.

4. White Tea

Understandably, this is the biggest seller in the entire Tea-Bagger Tea collection. The tea baggers love the concept of whiteness, and the perpetuation of the myth that white is the best color in the rainbow. Once you have finished gulping down all the self-validation, you can refold the box into the shape of a pointed hood.

5. Earl Grey Tea

Some behavioral analysts (well, at least those who aren’t occupied with trying to discover why “reality” TV shows continue to multiply instead of just going away) have pointed to the Earl Grey line of Tea Bagger Tea as one of the foundations for the disillusion of the typical bagger. By drinking this tea, with its hint of British aristocracy, the baggers begin to believe that they are indeed members of royalty. (This seems to be in conflict with another tea bagger trait, that of hating everything British, or foreign at all, unless Margaret Thatcher is somehow involved. But as we’ve learned, tea baggers have no concern for logic or reasoning.)

So now we have tea baggers with visions of royal bloodlines and crowns and getting to issue decrees that no one is allowed to challenge, mixed in with their instinctual belief that if they saw it on Fox News then it absolutely must be true. Is it any wonder that we have an army of walking dead out there with no grasp on reality? (No offense to the zombie series on AMC, love that thing, and at least those folks have the decency to sit down and round-table things before they go and eliminate people they don’t want around anymore.)

6. Herbal Tea

This one is a big-seller only because the baggers pronounce the “H”, which makes it sound like somebody named Herb made it, and that’s a nice country name that people can respect, and it doesn’t sound at all like the name of someone who was born in Kenya. This greatly soothes the Birthers, although I’m sure it’s safe to say that the Birthers will never be truly satisfied, even if someone locates footage of President Obama clearly shooting out of the womb of a woman wearing a colorful lei while the attending nurses dance a hula, pineapple plants wave in the wind, the Diamond Head volcano erupts in approval, and a military fly-over does a tribute in nearby Pearl Harbor. It’s a done deal, Donald. Move on.

7. Oolong Tea

No one knows why this one is even offered as an option on the menu. Just like Ted Cruz, every member of the Kardashian family, Justin Bieber or the possible reboot of the “Jersey Shores” TV franchise.

8. Ice Tea

No, not a tribute to that nearly-forgotten rapper from Dallas who didn’t know street from boulevard, but a nod to a basic beverage staple in the deep South, where much of the population is still pissed off about the end result of that Civil War thing. It’s amazing to me that they so desperately want to turn back time, but every damn one of them is clutching a wireless phone. (And a side note to the brave folks who are actually trying to bring Louisiana and Alabama into a century somewhat closer to the current one: My hat is off to you. Keep the faith, be strong, and VOTE.)

So anyway, have you seen the amount of sugar that the southern belles dump into their glass pitchers of homemade tea? It looks like the biggest cocaine bust in the universe. No wonder people get so bent out of shape over nothing. Their eyeballs are vibrating from the sugar rush.

9. Insani Tea

This is a vanity brew, personally concocted by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove (why isn’t that bitch in jail?), the afore-mentioned Ann Coulter and her skinny-ass desperation to make up stuff so she can be in the spotlight, the entire Republican House of Representatives, and all the Baptist preachers and Catholic priests who are hypocritically up in arms because someone dares to love someone of the same sex. They stir their pot of swill daily, sprinkling in hatred and ignorance, then rush to dump the moldy nectar down the throats of people who have been force-fed all their lives.

On the flip side, at least the drug companies should be thrilled with all this mess, because it’s going to take a lot of pills to help people work their way back to the path of reality after the “Fateful Day When the Republicans Swung So Far To The Right That We Had To Eliminate A Planet From The Solar System Just To Get Things Back In Balance”. (Oh, wait, I forgot that we already did that. Poor Pluto. He was already so distant and cold, and this demotion is certainly not going to help his self-esteem. Maybe you should send him a nice card or something. It will take 37 light years to get there, but it’s the thought that counts.)

10. Mister Tea

This product was developed as a tribute to the likes of Roy Moore, Steve Bannon, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Mike Huckabee in drag, essentially), Donald Trump and all those other Neanderthals who firmly believe that women are merely possessions who don’t have a say in the quality of how they’ve been raped. These men are essentially pissed off about not only women having the nerve to be upset about uninvited intercourse, they are still seething over the fact that their play-toys actually have the right to vote. And the Republican national party is standing by them and continuing to send money.

This, right here, is why I don’t understand how some woman in America can still identify as a Republican. Maybe there’s something I’m missing here, but is money that important to you that you will completely subjugate yourself to this jacked line of thinking? Did you not learn anything from Sue Ellen on Dallas?

11. Par Tea

This is a subversive addition to the product line that was secretly slipped onto the conveyer belt by Democrats. (The Republicans didn’t notice because they were too busy demanding birth certificates that they’ve already seen and voting to legislate vaginas.) This special elixir should be opened on a certain evening in November 2018, as the voting results scroll across your TV screens and it becomes clear that the Republicans bedded the wrong people. (But at least it wasn’t “forcible” rape, right Republicans? Because you clearly didn’t say no…)



Previously published. Few changes made, as I wanted to leave predictions intact, like the fact that the Republicans WERE severely chastised in the 2018 elections, although not to the extent that they deserved. Oh, and there’s this bit from the previous post’s footnote, scribbled late in 2017:

“I seethe at the outrage, like the recent directive from the Trump Administration that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control, partly responsible for the health of the nation) cannot use words like “science-based” or “transgender” in their budget proposals. How is that not tyranny? And how can I not speak up?”

Is it any wonder that the CDC has struggled to respond effectively to the Coronavirus? They aren’t even allowed to talk about science when requesting funding, because Trump doesn’t believe in science, even though said science is probably what’s keeping him alive. (Cue the video of Trump doing that enfeebled, old-lady walk down the tiny ramp at West Point.)

One bright spot? Today, the Supreme Court ruled, by a healthy 6-3 margin, that the LGBT community is protected from workplace discrimination. It was a stunning announcement, especially since the author of the majority ruling was justice Neil Gorsuch, one of the two supposedly ultra-conservative appointees that the Trump Administration forced onto the bench.

So, there’s a bit of light, my friends. Have a nice cuppa non-teabagger tea and revel in that. And let’s hope that change is truly blowin’ in the wind…


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  1. Ummm, we pronounce the H, unless we’re in Quebec or other French parts. 😉

    So, where does the term “tea bagger” come from? I mean, used, cold, wet, spongy tea bags lying around everywhere sets up a great image, but lots of other things are like that, too. Sopping wet kitchen sponges lying in the bottom of a sink with a bunch of unidentifiable food chunks would be a good example. 😉

    And, don’t forget Long Island Ice Tea. A tea for those who don’t really like tea, but who are going to make themselves fit in, no matter what happens. Or who. No matter who happens. And he did.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, the Tea Party based their delusional moniker on the Boston Tea Party incident just prior to the Revolutionary War. But they completely misunderstood the reasoning behind that protest, so they were out of touch with reality from the beginning of their movement. (No surprise.)

      The “tea bagger” angle is a derogatory term for said Party which originated in the gay community and made its way into the mainstream, although I’m fairly certain that most folks don’t get the reference. Suffice it to say that the phrase involves a sexual act meant to shame the Tea Party. I’ll let you google it from there…

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  2. TEA BAGGERS SHOULD BE SHOT!! Sorry, sorry, a Canadian should not use such vitriol. It’s in the handbook. But to corral and abuse the delicate and sublime leaf so violently is, is . . . The gentle leaf should be coaxed, enticed and immersed to infuse it’s tantalizing flavours free from the soul destroying encasement of the bag. I support ‘TEA BE FREE!’

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I shall never enjoy tea again damn it.
    And now that you mention it…. is Ann Coulter missing in action? Her smug face was everywhere a few years ago but I haven’t sighted her lately. Not that I’m complaining.

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  4. Tea baggers is what I always call ’em.🤣🤣 I’m sure there are pictures somewhere. There are ALWAYS pictures.

    Dont be hatin on the sweet tea. I like sweet tea myself. One cup of sugar per gallon. I dont think that’s too sweet🤔
    My mama grew up in Georgia. I know all the good Southern things, but since I grew up in SoCal, with mixed race couples, gay couples and bikers and stoners… I’m pretty liberal too😉

    I’ll stick with coffee btw😘

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  5. At my last job, the secretary who drove me nuts with her constant pet phrases? She was a teabagger, always confusing patriotism with nationalism, and social policies with communism. How do you reason with someone like that? Sadly, you don’t. Reason is beyond them.

    Let’s hold on to the victories, shall we? Such as the 6-3 margin. No one could have predicted that!

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    • That’s the tricky part with this whole cultural divide. There are some folks who are so lost in the miasma of misdirection and lies from the Republican Party that they will never see daylight. They’ve been inundated for 40 years with an “alternate truth”. That’s a hard cycle to break…

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