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Almost Wordless Wednesday – #18

Hey, Folks.

This week’s writing prompt will be short and sweet, mainly because some of you are still wondering “what the hell was that blue thing you posted for last week’s challenge?” I’ll get to that in a moment, promise, but we first need to address the fresh prompt. I’m really trying to stay consistent with these weekly posts, and I think it’s clear to anyone who reads this blog that I need at least some degree of stasis in my life.

For the photo above, you have two options:

ONE – Try to guess exactly what this image might be.

Hint: It’s a tight shot, with my camera shoved practically on top of it.

TWO – Blow off trying to guess and indulge in a bit of fantasy. Let’s say the image is a population map for a group of islands in the middle of some unnamed ocean somewhere. Your task? Put on your whimsical thinking cap and explain why most of the citizens choose to live on the left island as opposed to the center island or the right islands. This sounds a bit random and pointless (hey, it’s Bonnywood Manor) but it could be fun. Give it a run.

Now, The Blue Thing from Last Week.

First, the Big Reveal will probably disappoint most of you. Brace yourselves accordingly.

Second, if you’d still like to figure out the mystery on your own, I provided a number of clues with my responses in the comment thread. You can review said thread by revisiting the post here. (Most of you won’t, but I know a few of you are just like me, determined to figure things out well beyond the point when most well-balanced people would give up and move on.)

Third, once you are psychologically prepared, or at least properly-medicated, scroll down for the answer.





Keep scrolling.






More of the scrolling.





Exit the freeway when Helga, the sat-nav spokesperson advises you to do so.





Whoops, back up and pay the toll at the booth that Un-Helpful Helga didn’t mention.





Make a lot of turns that Increasingly-Useless Helga advises you to take, even though it seems like you’re going in circles.










Stop asking me if we’re there yet. Don’t make me stop this car.





A tad bit more scrolling.





And finally…





“You have arrived at your destination.”




Yep, the Blue Thing was a closeup of the rolling recycling bin behind our house. (See, told you it wasn’t all that exciting.) But I seriously didn’t use any filters or manipulation. I was innocently trotting out to the alley with a bag of empty cat-food cans when I noticed the sunlight was hitting the bin in just the right way, highlighting the petro-chemicals in the recycled plastic used to make the bin. It was pretty, it reminded me of swimming pools in Spain, and I took a picture. And there you have it.


Did I mention that this is Bonnywood?

Now, get to work on figuring out why the citizens in that archipelago have mass-migrated to one island and mostly shunned the others. (Except for that northeast island. Does that one have free wi-fi?) Because the big reveal for this week’s photo will probably be less than satisfying as well.



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  1. Not disappointed at all. I actually love this! When ordinary objects are seen from a new perspective… it’s magic! Very cool!

    I shall revisit the above picture. I was just drifting off to dreamland when my young master demanded that I get up. Wednesday now starts at 10:30pm PDT on Tueday🤦‍♀️🤪

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    • I really enjoy taking what I call “mood texture” photos, tight shots of bits and pieces of objects and scenes that distort what you would see if you viewed the whole thing. I often used the images to trigger stories, and if you dig deep enough you’ll find tons of them in the Bonnywood archives.

      I shall patiently await for the whims of Ben the Insistent to subside long enough that you can scribble out a Saga of the Island Nation…

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      • Oh, I’m horrible at fiction! My brain freezes. I’ve tried and nope… that muse quit, moved out and left no forwarding address. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I was just gonna have a guess at what it is… obviously some sort of pottery -or- someone REALLY needs to see the dermatologist because the big black spot doesn’t look healthy…AT. ALL.

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  2. A damaged terra cotta island?

    The denizens of East Island gazed wistfully at their neighbours to the west. What must it be like to live there, they speculated among themselves. They had heard the stories. Blue sky, they heard. Birds singing. Flowers blooming. No weird orange-hued clouds, obliterating the sun and causing that itchy and scaly red rash. No wind stirring the mounds of brassy vinyl hair strands covering the ground and sending them skittering through the hollow streets. No strands either! Restaurants that are allowed to serve coffee as well as tea! Oh my, what fun they must have, what joy!

    Weave, friends, weave. Weave the plastic strands into a boat, wait for the tide, and sail to the western isle. All ugly despots provide the means for escape. You just have have to watch for the moment to launch.


    • Okay, your island tale was rather entertaining and clever, especially when we got to the Weaving Ceremony. It’s a bit too soon for me to claim a favorite, as this is just the second comment, buy you are definitely in the running. We shall see… 😉

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  3. You should’ve gone with my answer. 😛 lol Creative!!! Today’s photo looks like a close up of a brick or pool cement.

    I’ll have to think about why the people would choose to live on the left where it’s so darn hot and there’s nothing but tumbleweeds to turn into soup.

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  4. Okaaaay, not at all upset about wasting precious seconds of my precious existence blue skying the crap out of a picture of a bin… Not. At. All. On this weeks challenge- the Manors Chimenea? If I’m wrong, I’ll take it on the chin, its merely a game, a jolly jape, a lark, and I’m not competitive. Not. At. All.

    The micro Pediculas tribe looked enviously over at the promise of a larger atoll that had erupted from the slick orange ocean of lotion after Donalds latest tanning session. (Hopefully the scabrous mole wouldn’t turn into a mountain.I’m not that cruel. I. Am. Not.)

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    • First, don’t whine about possible lost time. You know the Great Blue Diversion was a cultural event of the highest order. You should be honored that you were invited… 😉

      Second, I just KNEW somebody would take a gander at this week’s pick and instantly think “politically-turbulent skin condition”. Great minds twist alike. Except, apparently, when it comes to the value of arts festivals at Bonnywood…

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  5. I’m going for the guess what it is option: donkey droppings on the beach. If donkey rides at the beach haven’t reached your culture from here you’re really missing out 😂


  6. Last week was a relative disaster, which explains how I missed the blue mystery tour. Sounds like getting there was at least half the fun, even if everyone kept asking “Are We There Yet?” and the possibly huffy driver did have to pull over at least once and beller at all the askers of trite, unanswerable questions.

    My guess for that expanse of weirdly tan and brown, with just a touch of inky blackness here and there is that it’s a close up of a baked good. A cake, some bread, corn bread, or something of that nature.

    Yeah I’m off my game. But working on getting back to par…

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  7. It’s true, these are islands. However what is not commonly known is that they are composed of charcoal ash from the cookout the gods had following their makeshift baseball game. (The gods love their baseball.)
    Ironically, the people of the islands – who believe their land is volcanic ash, not charcoal – believe their gods are protecting them from becoming another Pompeii. What they don’t realize is that as I write this, another cookout is being planned that will put the previous one to shame. This one following their final game in the Cosmos.

    Goodness. That got dark. 😉

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    • Yes, a bit dark, but brimming with deft imagination. Admirable effort, Christi Plath.

      So, this next question should not surprise you: Why aren’t you writing more fiction pieces on your blog?


      Okay, I’ll leave it at that… 😉

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