Flash Fiction

Almost Wordless Wednesday – #20

Hey, Folks.

This week’s writing prompt will be (relatively) short and nostalgically sweet.

Your Mission: Create a string of dialogue or a voice-over (think “documentary monotone”, observing wildlife in the Kalahari ) to explain what might be transpiring in this photo.

Some background details that might give you a creative nudge…

This was taken at Bonnywood Manor, before The Restoration of said Manor was fully complete, thus explaining the painful remnants of 1970s décor gloom. The timestamp is murky, but I’ll go with mere seconds after the turn of the century, something like that.

That’s my good friend Dianne on the left (she has since passed, miss her terribly, love her always) and me on the right. Note my linebacker shoulders. I keep saying I’m Big-Boned, but my doctor keeps saying I’m Big-Appetite.

This is actually a Christmas Party, not that you can tell. The yuletide finery was in other rooms at the Manor, not the kitchen. (But if you’re particularly observant, there IS a gift bag in the shot, should you be an afficionado of hidden-object games, as I am.)

It’s very possible that a UFO just landed outside said kitchen window. Run with this angle if you feel compelled.

Whoever took this photo clearly did not understand light refraction. Not shaming, just saying. Of course, this was before we had smartphones that did all the work for us.

The beer in my hand is most likely a Bud Light, as that was my thing at the time. Whatever it is, I’m obviously very happy about something, probably the fact that alcohol was invented in the first place.

Is that enough to kickstart your creative juices?

Hope so.

Dazzle me with your witty interpretations.


P.S. Always take photos of those you love. Always. Because you don’t want to wake up one day and realize that you can’t take any more.



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  1. In the south of Texas there is a place known as the kitchen of Brian. Here, a male and a female have met to partake of an activity known only to humans: partying. They have caught the attention of a camera observer who is happy to record this piece of natural history. The ritual begins, and is an astounding sight, as it’s so rare to capture this interaction in the wild. The sharing of bottles, fire sticks, facial grimacing, and other offerings cement the bond, and if the humans are fortunate, this will last for many years. The ritual is re-enacted, year after year, and in the same location, which cements the bond even further. The bond is known as friendship, and although they are known for very bad behaviour, this is one of the best characteristics of humans. 🙂

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    • Lynette, this is terrific.

      Not only is it clever and funny, but it’s very spot on, as there was a very long run of years wherein Bonnywood was indeed the locus of our network of family and friends, with gatherings nearly every month, many of them themed and repeated annually. And the warmth at the end tops it all. Good show, mon amie.

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    • Yep, I must embrace the fact that I went through a Bud Light phase. Then a Miller Light phase. And, for a good long while now, a Michelob Ultra phase. The beer affinity is constant. The brand choices are not…

      As for the transporters, I really relished those things back in the day, thinking them stylish and clever. Then I woke up one day and I was over it. They haven’t been around for years….

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    • I love my kitchen. We’ve made some modifications here and there over the years, but the mid-century vibe is still very evident, and the cabinets are exactly the same as they were when the house was built…

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  2. Please, please, be quiet. This a very rare occurrence and we do not want to spook it. In the background you can see a young adult BriAnlageose Humanus. These creatures are rarely seen in the light leading some experts to question their legitimacy. This one appears to be rather relaxed and is interacting with an unspecified, no wait, I have a confirmation. It is a female, ah, a Diannealady! How remarkable! This cave is the usual domicile of the BriAnlageose and some postulate that these creatures will spend their entire lives improving their surroundings. In this day and age that is quite an accomplishment. Now we need to move on to our Meerkat display. These animals are similar to the BriA . . .

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    • You have deftly hit some very perceptive targets with your analysis. Have you done research in the field before? Even if not, I would definitely watch your show on The Nature Channel. Your tone is quite soothing but still full of respect and admiration for the wildlife you encounter…. 😉

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  3. Apparently your friend has made a witty remark that has you from giggling to outright laughter.
    A really great memory!
    You are so right – take lots of pictures of those things and people you love!!

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  4. I got nothing but a bunch of flashes of similar photographs.

    A friend told me to take selfies! I never wanted to, but then I realized there weren’t very many pictures of ME for my near and dear to throw darts at or whatever. So, I would add “take selfies… silly ones and nice ones” to your excellent advice about going paparazzi on those you love.

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    • I’ve never been all that great at selfies, feeling a bit awkward about the whole concept coupled with the fact that I don’t photograph well at all. But I do understand the realization that there aren’t that many photos of me in existence. There are long stretches in my timeline where there is NO documentation of my appearance, period. I didn’t realize this until it was far too late to fix the situation. Of course, the first several decades of our lives occurred when taking photos was a rarity and not something that happened all day long, every day…

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  5. After Lynette’s perfect offering, I can’t come up with a thing except this: the spaceship outside the window? It’s actually a drone delivering yet another magnet for the fridge. This one is super classy and says “Forget food, we need beer!”

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    • Ah, the fridge magnets. The collection has exponentially grown over the decades. We still display our favorites on the latest version of the fridge, but the vast majority of them are boxed up and stashed. Putting them all on one appliance would destroy the foundation of the house, and we can’t have that…

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  6. Stardate 2525; Ensign Dianne peered through the smoky Kool haze watching as brave volunteer Crewman Brian ‘Bud’ LaJest prepared to be beamed down to Earth circa 1970 to purchase much needed original fittings and furnishings. Time had come to replace the faded items on the SS Enterprise. With a befuddled look in his eye, a slightly worrying smile on his brave foolhardy face, holding a light beer in his hand, landing in Texas, Lone Star territory, at this dangerous time in human history,… logic suggests he may never return.

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    • Stardate 2526: In a surprising development, the Lone Star State refused to accept the transportation beam from liberal outer space, and the mothership refused to accept the reversed and refused acceptance. Crewman LaJest has therefore been trapped in particalized instability for several decades now, where he has survived by creating and submitting blog posts that no one ever reads because he doesn’t, technically, exist….

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    • There are times when I wish we had fancy phones back then. There are just as many times when I’m thankful we DIDN’T have those phones, because I did a lot of things I shouldn’t. Still, I understand your yearning for more of Your Man, just as I yearn for more images of loved ones who have since traveled on. Hindsight can be cruel…

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